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Wow, so today I have had a tough time on the platform as I took some time out to glance through a lot of profiles. A lot of amazing ones and some that really brought my level of anxiety to a new height. We have a huge problem on here with fake accounts and plagiarism folks. I am witnessing people with fake accounts that have stolen pictures from instacelebrities (instagram famous) accounts and just pasted them and are getting upvoted to high heaven cashing out with part of the pool that other wise would go to us, the content creators that are killing ourselves working to create great content and only receive pennies because the upvote power of the pool is so low.

Guys, this is eroding away the foundation of our platform. This is what you can do in 2 seconds to correct this issue while we get some kind of safeguard done by the developers against it. I am pretty computer illiterate and I was able to do this, so every one of you can do it in seconds. When you see an image that is questionable to you as not belonging to that person, you simply go here or if you lose the link just type in google images reverse. You drag and drop the image in question into their search bar area in the center of the screen and it will find the image source and you can see if it was plagiarized. We must police our own ranks of this parasitic situation that is drying out our voting pool. I have my own cash invested here and it is not pocket change for me, it is over 3k that I put as faith on this platform. I will be damned if I let a bunch of freeloaders take my hard earned money. You should all feel the same.

This is something that happened to me today. I saw a plagiarist page. I tagged steemcleaners. As soon as I tagged them they took the images down and put up new images and sited the site where it came from. Is there a better way of reporting these pages? Lets start a thread here on how we can cut down this threat before it becomes a bigger issue. We cant let these people continue take money out of the platform by stealing other peoples hard work.

Please Resteem this post and give us what ever ideas you have down bellow so we can attack this problem and solve it.


Thank you! Resteemed and upvoted.


Yeah, my second post got plagiarized, but I don't have enough SP for my flag to kill the fake post. A big problem is that there is no community membership contract when people join this site. So, nobody agreed to any rules. That was a major oversight. I wonder if it can be corrected retrospectively?

I am sure they will get it under control. Right now it is a huge problem though. You can report it to steemcleaners on here but so far I tagged them on a page with a stolen identity and pictures and they never got to it. The person changed all the images and made everything look like they where doing nothing wrong. These people are taking a lot of the pay out that should go to the legit creators.

Hit you with 100% for the resteem bro. Only at 50% and some how at 1/2 of 50% because the voting pool seems drained also.

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so @el-mago's post is still doing fine, and that @julianita character has begun systematically downvoting our posts as well. @o0pepper0o is about ready to quit steemit. this is fucked. :D

I was sorry to see that you guys fell into a battle on this, pepper just gave an opinion. Magos rep is totally broken though doesn't matter how much STEEM he buys afaik he needs to start gettin a lot of up votes to even get back to zero

I'm 100% with you on this one!

And there's an even quicker way to do reverse image searches when browsing with chrome - just right-click the image:

That is awesome, thank you for that. Makes it much easier.

I think it is time get out from STEEMIT

Nah just have to work through it and become great at it.

Let's keep this place clean



I've had good results from reporting to #steemcleaners on the I think #steemitabuse works, too. They have a finders reward, too. The @steemcleaners folks report regularly how they acted on people's input. Check their page and you can see their reports. I'm with you on the plagarism business. So many people think that as long as they state the source of their image, they can use any image from anywhere.

I need to start going into the Steemit chat and reporting. Thanks for the tip.

I've gotten a few rewards. It's very satisfying, because it's helping Steemit, you get a reward, and the problem is dealt with. Enjoy your finders fees from here on out! ; )

So basically when you find a plagiarist you report it in the chat to them?

Yes, over in, go to the #steemclears-linkdrop channel. You can say, briefly, what the issue is. But other than that, no discussion, just drop the link there. Here are their rules, taken from the pinned information on that channel:

#steemcleaners-linkdrop Rules

  2. This is for abuse links and supporting links!
  3. Do not post more than 3 links reporting the same person. (unless they have high payouts)
  4. Action taken is at the discretion of @steemcleaners
  5. No links to personal disputes or content you disagree with

It's a constructive action that we can all take, right when we see an issue.

Ahhh that is awesome, thanks so much. :)

be vigilant

I'm actively flagging stuff now and reporting to steemcleaners, if it's a new account I won't flag but ask them to do links and give opinions on the content.

We need to stop copy/paste, this is a content platform not a printing press.

Freeloaders are everywhere - usually at the top of the pile renting seeking from the rest of us and our hard work. Thanks for pointing out this probably even if it is naive of anyone to believe Steem would be different. It would seem that we have a unique opportunity to apply the economics of Steem to help stamp it out. But it would seem the mechanics of this are either not well established or not well known - or both.

For instance I've been using Steem for two weeks now but when you said "I tagged steemcleaners" I've no idea what that meant. Of course I've not read the FAQ more closely and found so I'm assuming you posted something on the chat or maybe used the Flag feature to flag the post for palgurism?

good steemian:)))

I am getting very efficient at Sniping them out lol.

The only thing I can think of is a hosting them by their own petard kind of thing. Perhaps if we got enough people creating their own post about this and linked them all together through comments we could create a huge net that informs everyone of the problem. Everyone would have to agree that posting links in comments on these particular post is ok, and I think it would have to be placed somewhere in the post why it is not spam to share your post about plagiarism on these particular post.

Just some ideas.

It really is ignorance in most cases. So if in those post we teach how to credit the source.

I also think that a HTML code could be developed that won't allow the post to load if the picture is not credited, but I don't know how to create code or what would be involved in creating it.

The issue I am seeing is a lot worse than an unintentional case. I am talking about people stealing pictures of other people and posting them as themselves and posting entire recipes with pictures from professional cooking sites. Getting tons of upvotes. I am sure hundreds of thousands of dollars are bleeding out of the platform because of this and part of the reason why the voting pool is reducing to nothing. If we dont control it and report it, it is only going to get worse. There is people creating accounts with all fake images and stolen posts, getting paid 100's of Steem and cashing out before ever getting touched. If they get caught they come back with a different account a few minutes later.

What about my ideas on preventing plagiarism. I don't think it matters if I am wrong about those who are doing it. If we educate the masses those upvotes and comments will go somewhere else.

Absolutely that will work. I just do not know how it could be put into action.

Perhaps asking minnowsupport if you are a member. someone might also know in the I really don't know, how it could be put into action either????

I need to do a lot of research here, but this is a leak in the boat that needs to be plugged or we are all going to sink.

While I agree it is a problem any time people think it is OK to steal. I don't think it is going to bring down steemit. Especially as long as we have people like you who care. Thanks for the post.

I think the community will out grow its growing pains, but we must correct these issues before they spin out of control. We have to make it easy for people to bring down content and identity theft.

this is an important issue, and one i am currently embroiled in...

Thank you for the Resteem friend. Upvoted with 100% along with all the others that did it.