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Steem and Alts These Days

Crypto market now a day sleeping in hell Steem was listed in top 30 coins a few month ago and now you can see steem is dropped hard to 80 in top 100 list the reason for drop is when you have fear in mind of price fall and ready to sell our hard earned stock on any cost and some reason a group called scammers who are earning steem easily with bots and busy in selling steem cheap , The bots are here to promote your content but most of users used it as a tool of profit they make profit and sell the profit instead of holding it as a steem power , This situation making the steemit a ponzi scheme , Buy money by spending money is not a good Idea i hope hardfork 21 will solve all of these kind of issues.


As for now i saw a advertisement running that deposit bitcoin first they ask for 0.1 btc minimum to deposit and they are giving profit upto 20% per month i have come to know that they are holding more then 50,000 bitcoin from market cap and their investors are now doing margin trading on bitmex , Meanwhile we are sinking our money on steemit and steem coin is dropping daily and daily ,
I come to know that bitmex is the culprit behind crypto dropping and margin trading of bitmex is destructing all alt market and all of alt market become hell and every one is losing his money , And i must say money is every thing i respect steem and spend a lot of time in steem but i am very much worried about steem future.
because top leadership of steem is disappeared even steem founders like Dan limer and Ned scot left steem and price fall like hell.
so the point is that right time ? can we go to amfeix and put all our lefted money into it so that we can recover our loss made by steem if we power down all money and spend all money to amfeix and left steemit can we recover our money /
IS there any one who use amfeix program are they legit and paying or another Trap ?

Honest Reviews Required

Currently when every i open steemit i found this advertisement promising for return upto 20% i know that now a day btc trading is become trend instead of alt market and This is the main reason of dropping every alt coin .

If you are user of Amfeix write your hones reviews In comments

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Dont laugh, but.... what is amfeix ?

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wow, when I looked at Messari it wasn't even in the top 100 O.o
yikes....I'd be VERY careful with some dexes and exchanges, all I can say is due dilegence is a good thing, op/ed....thanks for the info