Explaining Vote Hierarchy On A STEEMIT Post

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So I have been curious as to how the votes were ranked on any given post. After observing for 6 months I have finally cracked the code.

I have not seen this covered anywhere else. But if any info is incorrect please let me know and I will revise.

Votes Are NOT Ranked By

  • Chronology
  • Alphabetically
  • By STEEM POWER (Which is what I initially thought)
  • By account value

Votes Are Ranked By

  • The value of the specific vote you received

Now STEEM POWER does play a roll.
As well as the PERCENTAGE of the vote you received.

For instance:
Someone upvotes your post who has 10,000 SP but only gives you a 25% vote
Someone else upvotes your post who has 1,000 SP but gives you a 100% vote

25% of 10,000 > 100% of 1,000

So the VALUE of the individual vote is what determines the ranking.

Thanks to all who have followed my blog and continue to upvote my posts!


Peace, HM

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I love Futurama

Me too - I wish they would have retired the Simpsons and kept Futurama instead...

I agree. The later seasons were not as funny as the original ones though. Damn you Netflix!

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Okay, this explains a lot! Thank you!

Welcome dude.

I have been trying to figure this out. Thank you for making it easy.

No problem homie. STEEM ON!

Thanks for sharing with us. I feel like this is a code that we are all trying to crack.

No doubt. You would think these things that are seemingly obvious but still take me forever to figure out! I'm not super technical anway.....

Thanks for the comment!

Cheers for the insight fella. I have often always wondered this also

No worries. Imma give you a follow.

Right back at ya mate

Thanks for the post as I am still getting used to steemit and all the crazy that goes with it!!

Dude, I been on steemit over 6 months and still figuring it out. Learn new things all the time!

Thanks for the comment.

that was interesting thanks

No problem. Thanks for the comment.

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki article about Upvote. Thanks and good luck again!

Oh snap! Nice!

so the one on top has the most value? wow, never knew


Here is a good post(along with the two other posts he links) explaining how curation rewards are calculated. Not as simple as one would think! But this is good to know 👌