India Steemit Accelerator #2 at Bangalore - My Experience

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When @firepower announced the India Steemit Accelerator #2 at Bangalore, I was wondering if I could get in touch with him and arrange a similar event in my hometown of Pune.

I have benefited quite a lot from Steemit and I really want to bring on board all of my creative musician friends to the platform. But then I realised that before I can properly convince anyone else, I need to know as much as possible about Steemit and the blockchain.
I am the kind of person who would want to understand what I am getting into first so that it becomes easier for me to explain to anyone else.
Though I have been on Steemit for over a month now, there are still things which I was struggling to understand.

So I decided to go to Banglore for the event!

Now it is very difficult to get last moment train tickets and flight tickets were pretty expensive. Hence I decided to travel by bus.
Pune to Banglore (or Bengaluru as it was renamed) is more than 800 Km. It takes 13+ hours by road!
Since this was my only option, I booked a 6 pm Bus on Saturday.
Apart from the snoring uncle in the seat next to me because of whom I hardly got any sleep, my journey was smooth. I reached Banglore at 8:30 am and took a rickshaw to the venue: Robert Bosch India HQ.

I arrived at 9 am. Since the event timing was 10:30 am, I was the first one there! But the guards at the gate were kind enough to let me in and I freshened up and waited at the reception. While waiting I jotted down a few questions which I wanted answered about Steemit, the blockchain and other related subjects.

People started coming in at 10:20 am and I met Meghan aka @firepower. He was setting up for the conference and was very warm and welcoming. I immediately felt like I am meeting an old friend.

We waited while others turned up. I met people I knew from Steemit and the India Discord channel like @vj1309, @andreanoronha, @nandan and others.

Btw, people from India, this is a good time to plug in the Indian Discord channel. Go Join :

We started at 11 am with a round of introductions by everyone and then @firepower began the conference by explaining in detail about blockchain and steemit.
A wide variety of topics were covered from complete basics of steemit and account creation to networking, experience sharing, legalities of cryptocurrency in India and lot of Q&A.

I asked a lot of question but Meghan and everyone else answered them patiently and without getting irritated. Thank you! :)

Post the event we took some great pics which I am sure Meghan will share.

I still had time to spare as my bus back was at 6 pm. So @andreanoronha took me to a moto themed cafe where all the biking enthusiasts from the event were hanging out. @bikergirl @varunpinto @wandereronwheels

Big thank you to @andreanoronha for making me feel at home and part of the group, helping out with the cab and just being generally nice! :)

I've come back (enduring another 13-hour bus ride and another loud snoring uncle) with a lot of things to process from the learnings. And most importantly, making new friends! ✨

I should also say that this entire trip was sponsored by the money I earned right here on Steemit!

Next Steps:

My aim is to get as many Indian musicians I can onto the platform! It's a great way for creators like us to get noticed and have immediate interactions with audience and fans (and earn in the process!).
I will be working on gathering some people who are already interested in the platform and arrange an accelerator event in Pune with Meghan's help.

A big thank you to @firepower and the team for organizing the event!

I hope many more Indians will join Steemit and we can actully have a Steemfest India, say next year? 😁 ✨

Banner image (and the standee design you see behind my selfie with @andreanoronha) by @sjennon.

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Oh my goodness. It's really good to see you there. I wanted to attend that meetup but I was stuck at a business meeting. I'll definitely join the second meetup whenever and wherever it would be happening. Actaully I am planning to organize a meetup in New Delhi. There are lot of people in delhi who would like to meet in person and share some tips and trends about Steemit.
I am planning this Next month. Let's seen how many people would support me and come for meetup :) Anyways nice to see you buddy and don't forget to share the secrets you have learned from this event. Lol :)


Ha ha.. You might want to be in touch with @firepower on
I think Delhi event next is very much possible since I have seen a lot of people from Delhi and nearby areas.
PM on discord for the secrets .. ha ha.
All the best!


Delhi will be perfect , many steem indians are in that radius including me.

It was nice meeting you bro


Yo! Same here man :)

Nice post...

That would be awesome! I hope you do too :)


yo! Thank you. And thanks for the ReSteem :)


Anytime man. I got you ;)

Upvoted & RESTEEMED!


Thank you :)

Congratulations for your excellent post, I invite you to follow us and we grow faster, greetings

Good luck with the event in pune 👍


Thank you! Hope more and more Indians can join once they learn about Steemit :)

Thank you for this nice post. Keep posting.

Awesome !!! Good luck with Pune :)


Yo man! Thanks :)

I'm glad you had fun and glad I could help :)
Too bad you had to endure sitting next to another snoring uncle... lol


ha ha.. yeah man! Everytime I feel asleep he would be like snooooorrrr....rr... rrr..😩



Hey great post, was nice meeting you :)


Same here man :)

Very well put @hardikv. Thank you for your 13 hours journey. That enabled us to have a face to face interaction, even if it wasn't too long. ✌️Peace..!!


I am sure we will get a chance to catch up again soon! :)



Lovely writeup@hardikv,am pretty sure you had a scintillating experience and meeting a whale like @firepower makes your 13hrs journey to and fro more rewarding.Post resteemed.... @detycoon


Hey, Thank you for reading and the ReSteem @detycoon, Cheers! :)

It was really nice to meet you @hardikv at Steemit accelerator Banglore.
I had also made a similar post.


Ya man! Will check out your post too!

cool stuff, amazing to here updates from India (-:

Awesome! Hope you have a great event in Pune :) Hope a few of us from this meetup in Bangalore can also make it there :)


That would be awesome! :)