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RE: 8 Mistakes I See Beginners Make on Steemit

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Thanks for sharing!! Great read :) Patience is definitely a virtue... I've only been here a couple of weeks but I have seen and interacted with a few people who I think would be great if they stuck it out a little longer, but then they dissappear, i guess maybe disheartened!

I will keep this as a little reference and try not to commit any of the Steemit deadly sins haha :)


Yes, so many promising members left because they earned pennies in the beginning. I believe anyone who pushed through that tough period had no regrets. Looks like you are going to do just fine here. :)

A great way to look at it would be to take a job for 30 days starting at 1 penny a day and that doubles every day for the 30 days. Think multiples and long term. I joined for the Bigger picture. Success takes time and effort. You guys ROCK!

Thank you for the reminder that success take time. I have been building a better relationship with myself and that allowed me to see my pattern of growth. Which goes back to how this body is! The bigger picture is, we are all here doing the work to inform the people.

I have been in many platforms, and it looks like steeemit gives all of the best tools for me to deliver the message and connect with people.

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