Are You Fed Up of Steemit?: Why you SHOULDN'T Quit!

in steemit •  2 years ago

As a newbie to this platform over the last couple of weeks, I see people jumping on here full of passion, hope and stories to tell. Some of them I follow, interact with in the comments, and become excited about the interests that we share and the future posts they will write so that I, and my fellow Steemians, can read.

Then suddenly, 3 posts down the track, all goes quiet. I check back on their page every other day wondering if maybe they just got busy at work, with friends, or went out of town for the weekend. I start to realise that they are never coming back. It is quite sad to feel like someone who seemed excited to be here became disheartened and disallusioned so fast.

If You're Thinking About Quitting Steemit, here are some reasons you should stay:

You haven't given it a chance yet 💕

I understand that it can be a little deflating to see some people with so many followers, so much engagement in their comments, and making big bucks on each and every post. Those people with really well followed blogs have been here for a long time, and they have worked hard interacting with people, consistently putting out content and working themselves up from the same place you are now as a newbie.

It should be about more than the money 💰

We didn't join Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Myspace back in the day for the money - we joined it to interact with people, share our thoughts and feelings, kill some boredom and have some fun. If you are spending an hour a day on Facebook for nothing, you may as well spend an hour a day on Steemit, and share your photos and feelings with us.

It takes time to build a good blog 🐢

Some people can become disheartened by seeing others posts make a ton of money, and their post makes 9 cents. That is normal in the beginning. I saw one girl post a picture of her beautiful butt, and it made less than a dollar, whereas if someone with a bigger following posted exactly the same picture, perhaps they would have made $1000+.

Things You Can Do To Be Happy Here:

1. Post content that makes you happy: 😄 Whether it is pictures of your dog, pictures of your butt, stories of your travel, health advice, cryptocurrency, etc.

2. Engage with other people: 👭 Steemitchat is a great place to meet people, discord is also great as well. Read other peoples content and reach out to them in the comments to have a chat and get to know them. Steemit is a wonderful place full of positivity, but you need to go out and find it.

3. Set yourself a goal:🎓 What could Steemit mean for you? Do you just want to build confidence in writing? Do you want to get your account value up to $100 in a month? Do you want to learn more about cryptocurrency or get inspiration for your next overseas trip?

4. Enter Contests: 🏆 I have entered a couple of contests and they are so much fun, I have won Steem and it has really helped me to boost my confidence here, have some fun and make a little bit of extra money that I wouldn't have had otherwise just from posting.

I really hope you decide to stick around for a little longer!

My friend @dogwithablog 🐾 was feeling a little disheartened that nobody likes her... and no one cares about a little dog that wants to write a blog 🐶, so hopefully this post will inspire her to stay. If you want to show her some love, reach out to her and say hello! haha

Please up vote, comment and resteem if you like this post! 😍 I love hearing from you guys, let me know if you have had any moments where you have been frustrated with Steemit and wanted to quit? Hope you have a great day, and happy steeming!

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This will be helpful to frustrated newbies. Great advise!


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Such a lovely post. You know what @hannahlicious , you're the type of a person that makes places a happier place. Your post even vibes good energy. Got my vote and follow.


awww thanks so much @fitnessgirl!! I really appreciate it :)

The only complaint I have about Steemit is that I wasn't told about this site sooner... Like seriously why isn't everyone using this? LOL their lost is our gain.


I know right? all that time we spent on Facebook or tumblr not knowing about Steemit!! :)


This to me is like when I started using facebook slowly it took over me using Myspace, and already Steemit is taking over my spare time over facebook. I wouldn't use it at all anymore if it wasn't for my family reunions are planned there and I run some home school groups there too.


Yeah exactly the same I remember not wanting to leave myspace for Facebook.... and then myspace just died! Yeah I don't feel like i even check my notifications for Facebook anymore haha... just use it still for sending messages to friends and husband :)

How do you find out about the competitions?


I just found them by chance while exploring! There are some conversation threads in steemitchat and discord where people just specifically post competition links :) or you can search for posts that are tagged with contest or competition etc :)

Your post made me want to continue reading.. When I see a post click on it and see it has more than 2 paragraphs my brain says 'No turn back,,, we ain't got no time for copy paste stuff" lol..

But this blog, wether its copy paste (which I doubt) or not, it had some level of deeper feeling and understanding to it or whatever which made it fun and worhtwhile...

Finally someone to follow.. I hope your other blogs are as worthy as this one!

Have a good one .. cheers


hahaha, thanks so much...
Yeah no copy and paste here... awesome thanks so much for following!! appreciate it
you have a good one too! :)


that makes me sad to read that people copy and past content, I am new here, but originality seems to be what anyone should want.


Yeah If you browse further into steemit you'll see people posting lots of other peoples stuff, or just pictures from google or GIF files or videos.. like @hannahlicious says just for the money,, I like to keep it real, creative and interacting..


me too, the money is nice, but if I am gonna make money the only right way is with my own ideas and original content.


Right? I have the same thoughts.. I mean let's be realistic and humane lol.. Some people want the easy way out everytime..
But yeah.. that's life I guess.. life is unfair.. but we should make the best of it, what makes us happy :)

People on Steemit who are raking in the bucks have a lot of Steem Power. I'm fairly certain many have invested money, or have been here since last year.

It seems like the money side of it shouldn't be the main incentive . What I mean by that is: how much money have you ever made posting on FaceBook or Twitter? Chances are you never made a red cent, and may have spent a lot of time on sites like those.

James Jackdrew


yeah absolutely... i used to post and post and post on tumblr once upon a time, and there was no money at all involved in that, but i feel like load of people had tumblr accounts and were really into it :)

Nice post. You're really diving in and learning the platform.


thank you :)

Great post sweety really worth it :)

Thanks Hannah!

I see the massive potential of Steemit and agree...many will jump on thinking they'll 'quit their jobs thanks to Steemit'!

Like anything...there's no shortcut.

I've started with setting a goal to post a blog a few times a week, plus interact with various posts I stumble on (at least 3x per day).

My big issue: How do I sort through all the junk posts to find quality posts someone (like you here) sat down to write...

Still trying to figure that out :D


Hahaha yeah, I guess thats the same thing like some people who play music are rockstars, and some people who play music might just do gigs on the weekend or busking but can't quit their day jobs :) it's true that there is no shortcut.
Yeah I think thats good to try and keep consistently putting things out for people to read and I try and interact with a few posts a day too... you have 10 x 100% votes each day so I try and use those votes on other peoples posts.
I think it's just a searching game to be honest... once you find one person that you like and see who they resteem and then who that person resteems is how I tend to find them.... its a massive game of exploring to find great blogs, i seem to find new ones every day haha :)

One of these days, I just might post a picture of my butt...

Great post. I get discouraged daily. I lost a follower today, which is easy to notice when just starting out. But, I am trying to stick with it. I mean, if they unfollow, then we didnt share interests, which wouldn't have helped me in the long run anyway. Right?


I loose followers too! And for a second you are like damm.... someone really was that uninterested that they went and manually unfollower me... but yeah, if you don't share interests there is no point in having that 1 extra number, better to have people you can connect with engaging on your posts :)

Awesome post :) Some days are better tahn others but never quit! awesome attitude <3


thanks so much @warrenvee, very true, some days on Steemit are better than others but quitting would be a massive shame :)

I just love your <3

The both of you get my full support. Keep doing what you're doing, Steemit needs more people like you and all the pets that can blog...beaks, paws, long as they can tap the keys...they're Steemer pets!

~may all hatred cease...let there be peace~


Hahahah!! awww i loved this message, made me laugh :) thanks so much!



Happy to help where I can and when I can.

Great post, @hannahlicious! I have been here 9 days now and started off with huge excitement and exuberance as you've described. Then, I realized that it's really hard for me to get my content noticed, even if I put in a lot of effort to put out the best content that I can. I had a few little successes that I was really proud of early on which bolstered, but for the most part I average around 5 upvotes per post, which is of course not super impressive.

I do feel the struggle but haven't wanted to throw in the towel for good. I don't plan to either but it's good to know that there are people you for example :) to help lift people up as they get down as I'm sure it's a common feeling for new people to experience.

The difference between places like Facebook and here is that on Facebook, you already know at least some of the people in real life so you know some people will definitely be paying attention to you from day one. On here, I'm sure many people start off like me where they know absolutely nobody and at first nobody really cares about their posts. I can be a bit deflating if you post something that means a lot to you and then you feel like nobody cares, but a person has to remind themselves that they simply need to give it time and make connections, then eventually people will care about what they are posting and vice versa.

Anyways, it's good to see posts like this as you never know when someone may need a little uplifting, so thanks :)


That's true.... I guess success in life itself is failing your way to the top, at some point of the journey you'll have your breakthrough! Just keep your eyes on the end goal, not the process..
Eventually we will all get there, well at least those of us trying :)
Upvoted and followed :)


Thanks, amy123, I'll follow you too!


Much love and I like your blogs :)


Heyyy @jen8 thanks so much for reading my post :) yeah it is hard to start out and try and get your stuff noticed, as you said when you write something you feel is great but no one sees it!
it takes time so we will get there in the end once we build more relationships with people :)
I will come and follow you so I can check out your posts :)


Yes, I agree that the relationship aspect is important and that's the part I'm now starting to focus on more. Thanks for the follow and I'll follow you too! (SteemDeadFollowers Link) here you see how many users never Upvote or Comment, or are not active on steemit at all.


ooo thats cool, I have 9 dead followers haha... morbid :)

You're full of truth, like an ocean of water....which is full of water :))

Great to read your post every time. I get very encouraged to see new people, who get better and excited every day :D

Steem on, friend!

P.S : Now i am on your friend's blog. Cute puppy !


hahaha thanks @mikimike :) Really appreciate it!!
and yaaay @dogwithablog is so cute :)

My first week was a struggle but then it got better for me as I started to get motivated! Now it's slowly declining again and I ask myself why I'm still writing crazy long posts when I don't get a lot of views. I think it's that when I focus on trying to get monetary value out of my posts I lose track of why I'm on steemit. But now I realized why I started steemit and why I should enjoy the content provided and enjoy what I write about rather than the monetary value that comes out of it.

Great overall post. Resteemed because I think a lot of newcomers should realize this and I'm too lazy to write about it myself :)


Thanks so much for resteeming!!

Yeah I can imagine motivation might decline over a while, maybe just keep it varied. I don't think it always has to be long posts, sometimes I guess it can just be a picture or a thought or something small that people may respond too :) Hope you keep enjoying what you're writing and having fun on here, i'm such the constancy will pay off in the long run :)

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Good and positive post. A lot of people join thinking about the money and think this is another social network. But this is more than a social network and people dont know how to deal with it. 😢


thanks a lot @sergiomendes! totally agree :)

following! Happy steeming.


thank you so much @doctorcrypto!

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I love this encouragement boost for newbies ❤ and youre right. It does take a lot of work to build a following, well its actually more like, building a new family. But once you have your people you're set.


thank you @bearone... aww i like that, a new steemit family

Great post and very encouraging for us newbies! Today was my third day of posting so this came along for me at the perfect timing 💕 I will pay that cute little doggie a visit too! Followed you and looking forward to more awesome posts!


Awww thanks a lot @beartribune! Welcome to Steemit!!! :) I will come and check your blog out too :)


Your welcome! Thanks so much I'm excited to be here 💓💓💓

Just go through the WordPress or Blogger free blog directories and look at the endless number of sites that people make, only to fall away after sometimes just a single post. I have a few floating around that I don't update anymore but want to just leave them as little time capsules from a past life.

After creating blogs in the past, the reason I stopped writing was because quite frankly, I couldn't be bothered anymore. Writing proper content that you are proud of putting your name to is time consuming and if you aren't 100% committed, any lapse in motivation can spell the blog's demise.

I want to echo the advice that you HAVE TO write something that you are passionate about and keep your posts at a manageable length. You are going to get bored, so don't over commit. I like to mix up the length of my posts so there is a constant stream of 500 or so word posts that wont take me as long, but then the weekly 2000+ word long form that I am really proud of.

Enjoy :)


Yeah absolutely!!! Thank you so much for the advice @forexbrokr :) Definitely an interesting point re: mixing up the post lengths and trying to make just one great long one a week :) Hope you have a great day!

I had thought Steemit would be different to other social networks but it seems the same games apply here :( Have become very disillusioned! I hope I will find more posts like this that make me want to stay!


Feel the same way, and it’s kinda draining… Maybe things will pick up.

In a way it's good those people are leaving because they wouldn't have stayed anyway. they were not it for the platform, but for the quick buck. it takes patience to build a good "anything". good article.


thank you so much @munteanu I appreciate it!
True, I think those people will come back eventually when Steemit gets big enough :)


hope they come with a changed attitude :)