All Phishing Victims - Please Read This Blog And Seek Help - Fight @clementin Together

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Hi Steemians

If you are following me, you will surely know what I am talking about. And if you are reading my blog for the first time then please read my old blogs to understand what is it about.

In the last days many account were hacked, abused and still being used to trap other victims. Many users lost their money and still loosing money, if we dont work together toward a solution.

I sent an email some days ago to @blocktrades and they blacklisted the hacker's account. I I messaged also Binance this week, but I cant do much as I am not one of the victims. So please if you are one of the victims just go to this account and check if any money was transferred from your account to theirs.

In case YES, check the exact date to figure out if your money was transferred to Binance or blocktrades after that. Contact Binance to prove that you were one of the victims and I am sure this will help you and other users too. It will stop their actions and you might even get your money back.

For a user who recovered her account @mykitchenlab hopefully you are reading this :)

This is the email I got from Binance after contacting them:


Thank you for reading my blog and please resteem it that everybody can read it :)

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This is actually important development because @binanceexchange actually does seem to have the resources to deal with abusers.

The nice thing about a blockchain is the meticulous recordkeeping. I urge everyone to keep tabs on yours accounts transfer when you do fall victim to one of these scams.

Once again, props to @blocktrades to actively deal with these scums on the home front.


Unfortunately the most victims didnt recover their accounts yet. They might be not even aware of what happened or didnt know whom to contact :(


The best and only way to try to contact people with stolen account which came to my mind is to try to find them on Discord and contact them there and give them the straight direction for their actions which must be performed by them in order to receive back their accounts.

@hanen thank you for your great initiative of fighting that terrible abuser @clementin.

I know this is a big sin, to say such words but I wish the one who is now using @clementin nickname here on steemit to die in pains for this awful activity. And if someday I meet this person in real life I promise to kick his evil head off to fasten the above mentioned process.

@hanen if you need any help about all this - please know that you can count on me here.



You know Kitty how much I love cats too :P

Thanx for sharing this info i will also try to read your old posts


You welcome :)

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hmmm somehow i found this article now :)

@hanen, i wish i could help somehow, however when Clementine stole my money she/he used blocktrades for funds transfer at that time so if I am right, i can't help you regarding Binance...