yeah, it's still a shame it's come to this with YouTube, but it's great to finally see some true alternatives starting to crop up, not to mention some completely disruptive decentralized ones! :)

I'm super bullish on dtube, which means bullish on STEEM, which means...POST MORE, COMMENT MORE :) - glad to have met you yesterday!

Thanks @halcyondaze, great meeting you too! And yeah, it truly is a revolutionary model, not to mention... it really is Beyond Bitcoin, taking everything to a whole new level in quite a brilliant way! 😀

I mean, can you imagine clicking "upvote" on the ethereum network, let alone bitcoin?!
I might just pass enough time (and gas) to fill an entire room! 😂

LOL. Well said. You must be long on EOS too then?

well, let's just say I think EOS has "great potential"! lol

Quoting myself from a past post on EOS:

I'll point people towards what I find "interesting", but I've learned long ago that "stock tips" almost never end well. It's up to each of us to "pick our poison". And I'll guarantee you that if I told people I'm "loading the boat on STEEM" while it's at 10 cents (based on my risk criteria and time horizon), there will be some bozo who will come back hating me later, crying how my "advice" got them 100% long STEEM at $3 bucks for a short-term trade, and now they're sitting on a 60% long-term capital loss.

Link: Did Brendan Blumer (EOS) just say Bitcoin is an ICO at NYC FinTech?! Not quite, but sounds about right!

There probably are a few other posts I've written that may be of interest to you as well (ie. my posts on bitshares, Dan Larimer's first project, for decentralized crypto trading).

And you may find this one interesting too:

Link: How much would STEEMIT or BitShares be worth as SHARES on the New York Stock Exchange?!

Tahnks so much...digging through your old posts now. Added you to my Steemvoted and GINAbot!

hey no problem, and thanks for the adds! I followed you too upon hearing your interview on last night's mspwaves show! :)

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