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RE: #SharkSchool Lesson 1: How To Find Your Voice As A Writer

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Check out Stephen King's book: On Writing. It's also on audio book; a very good source of help for writers.


Now why would someone downvote such informed commentary? If you can't acknowledge the person, at least acknowledge the quality of content! Cheers @haejin, and keep up the good work.

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What do you think about this analysis?


It's an exceptional book.

But I like Everybody writes more. Inspired by Stephen King's book in her childhood, Ann Handley shared a lot of techniques from Stephen King's book, in her book Everybody Writes.

In fact, some of the suggestions I shared here are from these two books combined.

Both of these books are a must-read for anyone who is struggling to write better or to write more.

Thanks for sharing a good suggestion.


Writing is more pernicious and addictive than the White Lady.
Start motivated by delusions or need and you will never escape.

Ebook Tracker will show you the grim reality of trying to sell to an overdosed market

You will become part of 'long tail distribution' A million writers sell one ebook a year and make a dollar. Jeff Bezos makes a million dollars.

You will discover writing is for the idle rich or the unemployed, who are ideally conditioned to cope with the inevitable. For the rich, financial success is irrelevant. While the poor already know the face of failure intimately.

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