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RE: Is there a whale voter cult on Steemit? Yes, and it's killing Steemit!

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I guess you are right, but it's hard to avoid name voting in any context, there was a nice post by smooth explaining popularity vs quality,mass voting is about popularity, and the roi based on self upvote and curation reward can also increase this trend.

Its all up to posters to figure out if they are in the make money, and then they more have interest to participate in various scheme of promotion and marketting to get name voting or in the scope of automated vote, or if they post for quality and sharing, or truth, and they will most likely not make that much reward.

Its common problem with mass voting, plato already wrote about this about how democracy always lead to favorise dishonest politician lieing to make rethoric effect and gain popularity instead of favorizing deep truth tellers or philosopher.

Truth telling and deep topics are never getting advantage in mass popularity contest.

Depend if you are in for politics , and popularity contest, and then always need to play dirty tricks to win, or in for genuine informations sharing.

Can't put it on the whales to correct this problem in human nature, and people being selfish and voting for their own perceived short term interest, instead of voting for deeper thinking and more honnest players.


fantastic philosophy @h0bby1

For me the only way to get voting in fair manner is to have qualified jury like in sport competition that follow open criteria with objective voting on the perfomance based on criteria.

With open voting its always going to be a bit whatever, and following selfish interest, which rarely coincide with more prediticible outcome following intelligible criterias of selection.

Its the difference between republic and democracy, with republic criteria to decide law and social status must be intelligible and more rational, with democracy, it always appeal to ego and materialism which are much less objective and rational, and more chaotic in nature.

Can't expect much rationality and predictibility of outcome in open mass voting system, due to things like pyramid of needs etc, materialism and ego always going to win by the numbers, compared to rational selection and things that are more realistic or intellectual.

People spend more time watching tv show and playing video game, and engaging in fictions, than studying reality rationally. Can't expect open decentralized system to behave otherwise. Its the people more skilled in social manipulation who get the advantage.

I'd bet you are a professor!

I have zero degree and never put a foot in a university lol

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