How Was Steemit and Steem For Me So Far?

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One of My Questions is: "What Made Steemit Survive Until Now?"

It's been playing in my mind until now how long this ride will last. I know not all people here in this platform are for writing and reading new posts everyday. Most of us here are for investment and profit which is very understandable given that it's very easy for anyone to earn in this platform. I guess this is because mainly of bots wherein anyone could promote their posts and get profit in an instant.

This scene seems to be perfect for investors who just want to make the most out of this Cryptocurrency craze. Now the question is, for how long?


I know we are aware of the very abnormal changing price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others. One day it's Heaven and then next day is Hell. Of course I'm referring to financial things. It's quite scary to imagine that a guy who invests so much in Crypto today can get poor next day when the market suddenly crashes. This is might sound crazy but we know it could happen. Well, just don't sell assets in a very cheap price to avoid living like a beggar.

People are Assets!

Without you and me, there's no us and there won't be Steemit either.

I'm not sure if you'll gonna agree that people are one of the assets we should always not neglect to take care of. Whether it's in Steemit or in real world, I find this philosophy very true. Just imagine a company without its employees. Would you think it could stand the pressure of being on the top if they don't invest in their peoples skill and talent?


It's good to see our community is still going strong no matter what the current market condition is. The steem price stays the same on average at the moment and we're not sure when it will hit the moon again. I hope it will be very soon. I'm quite optimistic about this because the history has proven it so many times.

Allow this to be an encouraging word that graphs always has ups and downs. When the price goes down, it will go up and when it goes up, it will go back down. This is the cycle I'm seeing even in stock market. Huge companies now don't start with always upward trend. At least once in their history, they experienced some downs as well and most people just don't realize it. It's one of the reason not all are rich because not all can wait either.

What will be the Next Move?

Future is one thing all of us can be uncertain of. It could change in an instant that's why it's so exciting to also explore the possibilities of things we are bound to walk through now and not later.

We know Steem is just a piece of something even greater and could be much greater in the future. If this whole Crypto craze and Steemit business is game of chess, so which one are we?


Right now, I'm sure many of us are speculating of what's coming next. It could be something we never imagined or something that could kick our butts off! Either way, what we can control is today and tomorrow is just a subject that will always be just a plan. It's a mystery we should always be excited about.

The Steem and Steemit journey for me so far was a lot of fun and excitement. I would be hypocrite if I say I'm not for profit too. Of course I am like maybe 99% of people here. I think there's nothing wrong to that unless you're doing something illegal or against the law of a specific land. So far, I haven't heard anything that says expressing oneself through writing in Steemit or writing about Crypto can be a crime. I hope it won't be in the future!

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great to see you being positive about the steem platform.
just one ques: you achieved this reputation with bots or something else? sorry i am not much aware of other sources ':D


At first it's plainly "write something good and wait for upvotes, 100% no bots" since I'm not aware of it but eventually I found out that you can use bid bots to promote posts so I tried it and so far it works.


great to see it worked for you, i am also gonna use some soon, just searching more and more before using it wisely! :)