You can aslo use it to get more followers, As i did, just give 1% and many of those who get upvote will follow you and hopefully give you a upvote in the future

Wow that's a good idea but I only have 14 steempower and I don't think i can upvote 1% .
Still the idea is really good

@govind7 you can do that in the auto-voter, but the person you upvote will get $0. As you get more SP, it will get better. You have to start somewhere.

Yeah you are right I should start autovoting at 1% and also at the same time try to increase my steem power

I agree @everydaycoach, this can help get more followers and voters.

Yes, that's right. If you want to use a trail you'd better have lot of SP because it can drain your voting power fast.

Steem power is a big problem for me.
I thought I could get curation rewards by autovoting posts of whales but then I understood that you need high steem power to get curation rewards.
So autovoting with fanbase was useless

I have never done that. I upvote authors I want to support, not looking for whales. You will see that when you upvote the small fish, they will upvote you too.

After my curation strategy failed i stopped autovoting and now I only vote for people who write really good posts.
I thought that getting curation rewards was the only feasible way to increase my steem power

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