Today Is My First Week Anniversary As A Steemian - What Fresh Hell Did I Get Involved With?!

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Hello all you sexy Steemians I hope you are having a decent weekend so far. I wanted to let you know that today I am celebrating a somewhat peculiar anniversary, one in which I wasn't going to even mention. Given what life has been like on the Steemit platform this past week I thought perhaps I would just mark the anniversary quietly. Then I thought no, despite it being a very challenging time for everyone, particularly newbies like me, I said to myself I have discovered some many great things about this inspiring platform and I intend to celebrate!

However, before I go any further I must say that since joining Steemit I have met some incredible people who I must give a shout out to, they include:

@penderis @carrieallen @enginewitty @safisara @shadowspub @thehive @pennsif


Thank you for helping me to settle in - you have all been amazing!

It was one week after I started buying Steem at the start of February when the announcement came through that Ned had sold Steemit Inc to the Tron Foundation. I thought to myself well things are getting interesting now! Anyway I wasn't dissuaded from continuing my buy into Steem, but I did have some apprehensions because I know from experience that when a new guy takes over at the top he will want to do his own thing, which in many ways obviously goes with the territory. However, what I didn't expect is the way Mr. Sun attempted a hostile takeover of the Steem blockchain, that was a silly move. But what I also didn't anticipate was the community response. I've never seen an online community come together in solidarity to save their community like the Steemit community did this past week. It was history in the making. I congratulate everyone who played their part.

I saw people prepared to put asside their old differences and set aside former squabbles to come together in unity and fight for their community. It was a truly awesome sight to witness. I knew at that point I was part of a very special community. I will be honest and say that as soon as I saw Justin's attempt at taking control of the Steem blockchain my heart sank. I thought the whole platform would turn to shit. But it didn't. We all helped to repel the invaders! I do hope that Justin Sun will rethink his approach. For the record I actually think he is genuinely hoping to bring more value to the Steem blockchain and increase the price of Steem. He has a ton of tech, resources and outreach at his fingertips, I'm sure if he changed style he would have the Steemit community supporting him all the way.

What stood out for me most was that during this whole epic battle I never once reached for that powerdown button. I thought there is something very positive in this community and I want to be a part of it. So a week on here I am still trying to absorb what on earth I have got myself involved in? And trying to figure out what comes next! But whatever happens I'm here to stay.



Do you know where I can find one of these? No? Then let me help you with that.


Crazy times indeed, I do have to say you have settled in quicker than most of the people who unfortunately start out with no backing and just go at it for months without finding any traction. That is just the way it is kinda like going to a new school haha. Although the drama has not dissuaded you I hope you push through even if you think your posts don't get much love. Those are two different worlds the content creation and community aspect don't always translate well. Alas I am a very negative person but will end this with best wishes for another week then month and then who knows :)

Thank you @penderis for helping to guide me through this maze! It's an intriguing platform and I am beginning to see how networks, friends and collaborations are very important to the success of my Steemit journey. I'm not sure why you think you're a negative person because you strike me as someone who has proven that they are the complete opposite. Thanks again bud.

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