Open Call to Content Creators on Steemit and DTube

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In our first official DTube video, The Goldmoney Steem Team is providing an opportunity for content creators here on Steemit.

Please click on the image to find out more about this unique opportunity for potential partnerships, collaborations, and support from @goldmoney-inc.

Here is an example of such an effort from Steemians @paolajane and @spenceryan:

Goldmoney is the easiest way to invest in physical gold and silver bullion online. We safeguard nearly $2 billion of assests for clients in 150 countries.

Visit us:

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I think the concept is a clearer, now that I watched @paolajane and @spenceryan's
interview at goldmoney about new partnership and cold storage for cryptocurrency assets.

Here on steemit, goldmoney can hold contest where participants would go to street to tell people about Goldmoney and Menē, 2 minutes video will be recorded. Then post will be written about the experience and shared on steemit.

It can be tagged as #goldmoney-campaign

Trust me, steemians will go all out to create awareness.

This is a very interesting idea. I would be open to discussions regarding this if any Steemians can come up with a plan to do something like this.

I will start the contest soon.....

Can’t wait to see what other content creators produce! Thank you for mentioning us and having us ❤️

I'm from Toronto! How can we setup a meeting? :)

Can you contact me directly on discord or steemit chat?

Catch them young.

I think we can bring goldmoney to pupils in high school, this is going to have impact in future sales, we can highlight importance of savings, in this case, not in fiat but in gold.

I have been propagating reading culture in Nigeria since beginning of 2016, both online offline. Having a radio programme has really helped in engaging many people so far.

So I strongly believe that telling people about importance of gold and why they should consider it as an asset via a radio programme is cool, even better if we broadcast it in local languages. Here in Nigeria, number one goldophobia (sorry if this word is wrong) is fear of buying fake, inferior or low quality gold. Buying 18k at the price of 24k is not cool! Goldmoney can help solve that.

Almost every university have a radio station, this is a potent tool, we can reach the elites through their children.

If anyone make a video teaching people about goldmoney on steemit, telling them why gold should be an important asset, there should be a reward system if they have PoW (proof of work). Actually, @goldmatters is doing a great work here.

unnamed (3).gif

What type of content are you looking for? Articles for GoldMoney Insights, product ideas, marketing ideas? I would love the opportunity to become part of the team.

I think what’s wanted is a composed idea that would bring value to the company. Steemians are great at this!

Excellent. Let me see what I can put together for you.

keep it up.and never stop to sharing.just awesome post

The potential behind what you're doing is hella exciting. I want to pop by immediately. If only I could telaport. I honestly believe that sharing these ideas are critical so i'm gonna bring you my journal of ideas i've jotted when i return from breakfast @goldmoney-inc

Goldmoney is cool money, have been wanting to do this kind of stuff for them now that the opportunity has presented itself i better take full advantage and give my best.. Cheers

Ain't we all doing it, freelancing i meant, well i could just do a short advert for goldmoney, video like or writing.

Hello. Got to think out the box in order to be different. Over the next few years there will be a boom in wealth for new money people. Those are the clients that will grow your business. Old money that has been passed from generation to generation will already have their valuables secure.
Where is the new money coming from? Crypto currency investors will be a big one and will be requiring your expertise for storing valuables. I would suggest marketing on the twitter accounts and web pages of various crypto currencies to find new clientele. Marketing in a way that is different and not the same old boring man in a suit scenario. Content for the new clientele based on things that will interest someone with new money. Travel, cars,fashion and jewellery.

Gold is the new cocaine for money launderers.


Far from it. Then cryptocurrency is new haven for money launders??

Yeah I would definitely like to see a phone call if he's asleep or not 🤔
Ha ha!

Hola, pido ayuda para ser una persona potencial en steemit, como pedir votos, reesteemiar y seguirme en mi página steemit ya que no tengo movimiento

Let me think. Canada - Gold - custody for private persons hmmm you must not only post in #steemsilvergold but for instance also in the tag where the former Hong Kong people are posting in. Where that is and in what language? To be checked. So in general check -where your potential clients are posting and copy your message (or advert.) also to those tags. You will reach more people.

Thanks for the input! The search can include content creators from anywhere in the world. The highlighted video is just an example of Steemians that visited the branch, but Goldmoney is open to other ideas as well :)


hey by fa can help me to be pontial in steemit like for example with votes, and reesteemear

hey by fa can help me to be pontial in steemit like for example with votes, and reesteemear

Great video. Collaborations as well as networking is probably my favorite thing about the community here. I think @Goldmoney-inc could gain support for the Steem blockchain easier by comparing your physical assets to the utility the Steem blockchain technology. Not just the coin.

By helping people understand the longevity of the two in comparison would not only lower the learning curve, but also reveal the value of data to the masses. Steem may be the cryptocurrency, but it is the blockchain that gives it life with a community into woven into a coin.

I really appreciate your company joining and continuing to provide great content. I always look forward to it.

I'm a Pro Photographer and UX Designer based in New Jersey, but I always spread the word where ever I am in the tristate area. People love Gold & Steem. Utility and longevity at it's finest.

Here's a post for my recent visit to the National Harbor near Washington, DC spreading the word of Steem and Goldmoney-inc.

I hope you enjoy. Thanks for all you do.


Teamwork is key 🤔

TBH not entirely sure Im just here to have funny and so I don't get copyright claims on my videos like I did on YT for using Music in my videos and streams but I'm open to learning more about this platform if you guys have any suggestions him me up @thefuriousj

Gold-money should start investing on potential steemians and also to align with steem in in their financial problems...

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