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I'm delegating most of my remaining SP to @buildawhale.
I do not have the time to maintain my online presence and I have alot of work to do.
I wish you all the best.

PS if anyone is interested in purchasing or maintaining the contest listings @heimdallr or can provide me with bot code to post contests let me know, I am interested in keeping it going for the minnows and redfish but it is too time consuming for me to provide a daily list of only quality contests there.

kind regards see you all later on,

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@godo Much success to you, I hear ya on having a lot of work. I have a music school which I am currently working on expanding - so I'm doing shorter posts at the moment.

I would recommend delegating it to something like @Spaminator or @Mack-bot which can help clean the platform.

(I run @buildawhale)

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Ok, I guess your account has a lot of eggs in its basket already, i just put in another 20 and I still have 10 sp to spare do you have a delegation link?

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