Is Steem Heading to $10 Now?

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Will you look at Steem candlestick charts with me as I'm trying to analyse and see if Steem is now in an uptrend and heading to $10 like Steem Dollars just did.

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Is Steem Heading to $10 Now?

We have recently experienced a huge increase in value for the Steem Dollars, which has reached $12, while Steem has had a more timid move upward in value. What I'm going to do is look at several candlestick charts on Bittrex from one year to 3 days with different time intervals and attempt to identify an uptrend.

1 year chart with 1 day candles

The first chart is for one year and shows 1 day candles. What I did first is drawing support and resistance lines during the year, because it is much likely that price is going to stabilize for a while at these levels.

The good news is that we are now far above the lowest low line, which was 0.00005309 BTC and flirting with the 0.00012577 BTC line. We can see that there has been a huge increase in volume for December, which is great. The moving averages that have been in a downtrend seem now to indicate that it's going to change direction. We are still seeing huge sell pressure with the long upper candle shadows.

3 months chart with 12 hours candles

This chart is for the last 3 months and uses 12 hours candles. We still can see the support and resistance lines I drew from the 1-year chart.

Steem has been moving down for several months and the trend has changed in November to move sideways, which will continue, I think, until the end of the month. It is clear that we have crossed the 0.00012577 BTC line.

We can see clearly that the volume for December has increased significantly and the moving averages are reversing slightly. The Steem price is now at 0.00013600 BTC, which is $2.59 USD on Bittrex.

Notice that there is a lot of selling pressure for December, with very long upper shadows, which is why it has been moving sideways.

1 month chart with 4 hours candles

This chart is for the last month and uses 4 hours candles. We still have the support and resistance lines I drew previously and we definitely crossed the 0.00012577 BTC line.

The market has been moving sideways for a month and the moving averages have been crossing each other a few times. The upper shadows on the candles show clearly the selling pressure on Steem. We now have higher highs and the moving averages are showing an uptrend.

5 days chart with 1 hour candles

This chart is for the last 5 days and uses 1 hour candles. We see clearly that the red resistance line is now “support” and we are definitely far over the 0.00012577 BTC line.

I like the 5 days chart with 1 hour candles because it becomes very clear. I can see three 1-2-3 bottom formations in a row, which suggest that an uptrend is starting.

The moving averages have crossed (red arrow), and move nicely upwards. We still have selling pressure and some indecision and I believe Steem is going to move sideways for a while. It might correct to the 0.00012577 BTC line, but we are now in an uptrend and it will get higher and higher.

3 days chart with 15 minutes candles

This charts is for the last 3 days and uses 15 minutes candles. I can now draw 2 uptrend lines and it seems it's going to continue moving between them.

The moving averages are going up nicely and  it doesn't look that they are going to cross any time soon. The Stochastic RSI shows that Steem has been more overbought than oversold lately, which is good. Volume is good with a healthy level of buyers.


Seeing these results, I'm happy and unhappy.

Happy because, of course, it's going up and the 2,000+ Steem Power I have are increasing in value. Happy because as an author on Steemit, my rewards have more value.

Unhappy because Steem is now more expensive to buy for a long-term investment and there is no sign that it will dive again to $1, where it would be awesome to buy.

Nevertheless, I think it's a good time to buy Steem now because it might reach $4 before the new year.

Would you please let me know if you agree or disagree with my analysis for Steem in the comments?

Update: 22 Dec. 17

5 months chart with 1 day candles

The price went as I predicted it will go and it seems that it now reached a level of resistance where it's going to fall a bit before continuing its uptrend. The moving averages are still crossing and we see clearly the reversal of the trend and more volume.

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Michel Gerard


I like the volume coming in and we are still at quite bottom on the chart. So the start of 2018 will be awesome in terms of steem. I am adding more to my account.

Thank you for your comment @cryptokraze. I agree that 2018 will be great for Steem.

Hmm. Well why did Steem go down so much before in the first place? Was it because the huge inflation rate?

It's normal for a coin to be pumped and then dumped just after the ICO and it takes a long time then to recover from it.

Interesting.. I think it would be nice for it to go up to $10, but if it does, surely we'll all be debating whether or not it goes up to $100..

It might just do like other coins, like Litecoin, go to $10 and stay there for quite a long time before climbing to $100 in a year or two.

always you share a helpful post. your analysis as well. thanks sharing good information @gmichelbkk

I'm glad @sangeeta that you like the post.

i think steem doller and steem is future litcoin . thanks for your update @gmichelbkk

That will be nice @pritish1122 if it does the same as Litecoin, going from $10 to $300, but I'd like it to let us more time to invest more.

Thanx you so much dear sir @gmichelbkk for sharing .

Thank you for commenting @shahin24.

I feel it at least has a good chance to go up over $3 ♦♦ I hope it doesn't do a 'moonshot' move, as I'd rather have steady moves than a bunch of jangling all over the place [slow & steady WINS the race ]

And hopefully, people will now be quite encouraged to make quality posts here on #STEEMIT ! ☻

I agree @janashby, we want steady growth and it will be great for authors.

Thank You bro :)

Yes, it's definitely a good thing for author. If you want to buy Steem, you have to pay more because of increasing value. I'm excited to see the uptrend.

Thank you very much for your comment.

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I cannot predict a thing. Just holding on for the ride :)

Just mentioned you in my most recent post. I hope you like it!

Thank you very much.

Upward pressure seems to be coming from the sustained SBD price rise. When, with one SBD, people can power up 4, 5 or even 6 steem, as we have seen recently, a lot of minnows can 'buy in'.

This is good! And we should buy in if we believe in the platform. The biggest complaint everyone has is that the steem is so concentrated - well buy it from them then!

Thank you very much for your comment. I agree that we should buy into Steem if we believe in it. Very sorry that my upvote is worth nothing, I have to get more Steem Power, and I will do better the next time. I'm following you now.

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