I'm Now a Dolphin, so What?

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Would you like to read this blog post and see how I feel having just been promoted from Minnow to Dolphin in Steemit because you might be happier just being Plankton?

I'm Now a Dolphin, so What?

Today I am writing my first post after being off for 10 days in Steemit because I was overwhelmed with work and also lost some of my motivation to post daily. We are the first of August and I though this might be a good opportunity to restart again with this new "Dolphin" rank.

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I'm Now a Dolphin, so What?

When you start on Steemit you are plankton and it is not the best thing to be when you look at the definition in the dictionary.

Definition of plankton, noun

Zoology – (uncountable) : any small or microscopic organism that drifts through a body of water and serves as a source of food for many sea creatures — whales that feed on plankton.

This basically means that on Steemit like in the sea you can be eaten by all the other fish, including dolphins and whales.

Then, after gaining some more Steem Power, you become a minnow.

Let's see what the dictionary says.

Definitions of minnow, noun

Zoology – a small freshwater and saltwater fish that is commonly used as fishing bait for larger fish

This is better than being plankton because at least there are a great percentage of Steemit users or plankton that can't eat you anymore.

You can still be used as bait for larger fish and it's amazing how it relates to Steemit.

So, it's here where I have been the past year, going from Minnow III, Minnow II, and then Minnow I, for quite a long time.

I'm Now a Dolphin, so What?

If you are wondering how this badge is showing on Steemit, I am using the app SteemPlus.

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Today, I became a "Dolphin III."

I'm Now a Dolphin, so What?

Let's see what the dictionary says.

Definitions of dolphin, noun

Zoology - also oceanic dolphin: a carnivorous marine mammal of the family Delphinidae, known for being highly intelligent

Well, this made my day.

It is re-assuring to see that I am now an intelligent animal and there is no mention of being eaten by any other fish in the ocean.

If that is true, I might be pretty safe from being eaten alive by a whale on Steemit.

But, how did I become a dolphin?

Don't be mistaken, it's not because I am a highly intelligent author on Steemit, but because I have reached 4,935 Steem Power.

I'm Now a Dolphin, so What?

From that 4,935 Steem Power, I have bought 2,157 Steem Power and I have earned 2,778 Steem Power.

I put this number so I can get some motivation back again to continue writing on Steemit.

As you can see below, I have written 287 posts on Steemit and if I do a bit of calculation, I have earned 9.67 Steem Power per post in average.

I'm Now a Dolphin, so What?

Steem is worth $1.25 today so 9.67 x 1.25 is $12.

So, my earning is $12 per post today, which is very low considering the time I spend on each article. It definitely pays better to take writing assignments.

The question is, will Steem go back to say $4?

If that is the case, I would have earned $38 per post, which makes it more acceptable.

Anyway, there is no merit for being a dolphin because you just can by the Steem Power and voila!

I have achieved a reputation of 65.63 today and I have 2,660 followers, which I'd like to say a big thank you.

Without my followers I would have probably quit a long time ago.

So, now, what do I feel being a dolphin on Steemit?

Not so different than being a minnow or plankton, in fact.

Because I was much more motivated when being a minnow than I am now.

I am still glad for the achievement and can see that as a new start.

I'm Now a Dolphin, so What?

Thank you @arcange for showing dolphins on SteemitBoard at http://steemitboard.com/board.html?user=gmichelbkk

I have only written 14 or 15 posts this July, which is one of my lowest month since I started.

Seeing that @jerrybanfield and many others were slaughtered on Steemit this month pushed me to think hard if I was going to continue or stop writing here. Not really the kind of ocean I want to be in and it certainly was a blow on my motivation.

Because let's be clear, Steemit is just like the ocean, except that even dolphins and whales can be eaten by other whales here, regardless if the content they write is good or bad. In fact, most whales that eat other whales, dolphins and plankton, don't even contribute writing posts.

Steemit should add another category, "Sharks."

So, as I was saying, I considered just quitting, and in the mean time I have not made Steemit my priority this last month. I thought about un-delegating the Steem Power from the communities because not writing anymore doesn't give me anything, and just delegating to bots so I can passively earn Steem without contributing.

I am now a dolphin, so what?

I am still on the fence.

A part of me says, "You should continue writing because you still enjoy it," and another part says, "Why bother when the maximum upvote you got by a single person in a year might have been $2 or $3?"

Should I stay or should I go?

Let me know in the comments below.

Would you upvote this post and follow me for more because this will encourage me to write more posts like this one?

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Michel Gerard



great work

I'm curious how you made the pic?
You did a really good job on it.

Thank you @mysearchisover. I use Acorn on Mac to make all my images and use different layers.

Congratulations on your achievements.
I would say that you should really think about it. I read some of your posts and I enjoyed them. Indeed here on Steemit not everythinf is good or great. But I see it like a child which have to learn during his path how to walk properly.

Also, I think that this Blockchain can be one of the most sustainable blockchains out there which makes it to a lifetime opportunity for some people. I would throw it away completely. If you have the desire to take a break do it until you have again the energy you need. But leaving completely I​ wouldn't recommend.

Thank you @modernpastor for your upvote and actually reading the post and giving feedback. I do believe that the Steem blockchain is great and as I said in a previous post, it's all in the motivation!

So, you should be happy. :-)
I've not see an unhappy dolphin.
Signing off... @happydolphin

Yes, I should. Thank you @happydolphin for commenting!

how can you even ask the question should you stay or should you go. Dont go. I too am a new dolphin and with it came the realization that its a long why to become an orca when the majority of my votes come from redfish. Steemit needs more big dolphins to succeed and we have the opportunity to get their. in another 2-3 years it will be impossible to earn their way to big dolphin because with dapps and communities on the way and steemit becomes more mainstreem, there will be too many users sharing the same rewards pool.

@paulag, thank you very much for your feedback. Congratulations for also being a dolphin, we can swim together.

I sense some tiny baby dolphins coming around ? lol kidding...

Great! Another Dolphin ready to help the minnows reach their goals...

oh, maybe not.

Ready to help or to eat the minnows! Thank you @abh12345 for commenting.

@abh12345 why do you think any dolphins owe minnows anything ? if they ninja mined it in the begining maybe your comment would make more sense but @gmichelbkk partially earned and partially paid up for the dolphin status , at what point does his responsibility changes from an investor to supporter of minnows?

As long as he is not abusing the system he doesn't owe anyone anything....

I didn't say anything about anyone 'owing' anything.

People can do and act however they like.

From the status of both your accounts, i see how you guys are Steeming. Enjoy the ride.

People can do and act however they like.

Maybe you are too rich that you don't want a ROI on your investment , maybe you didn't have to do 2 jobs to put money into STEEM ,maybe you bought STEEM too cheap that you don't care , maybe you have moral objection to delegating to bid bots .....

You do what you want to do , have a good day Steeming...

Only the last statement somewhat true.


Congratulations your achievement @gmichelbkk

Thank you @anujkumar, I appreciate your comment.

Best of luck, for the journey ahead.
But we aren't the ones to tell you to go or stay. At the end of the day, whatever you decide to do, has an impact on almost only you.

Thank you @solcross for reading the post and sharing your thoughts here.

Congratulation on being dolphin..

you are warm welcome @gmichelbkk

You are willi brother

Thank you for commenting @julian.alejandro.

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