Hello Steemians - Long Time no say

in #steemit5 years ago

Hi friends and steemit community,

It has been long time since I blogged last time, almost more than two months now. However, I am back with starting it again now.

Actually I was too much busy with my job and still busy but I thought I should spare some time for steemit and my friends as well. So here I am back again.

I have observed a lot of changes in steem and steemit community. Steem came across many rises and falls and currently the value fluctuates between $3.9 to $4 which is not bad as its value was less than $1 when I joined the community back in August, 2017.

SBD value was much higher than that of steem but now steem has beaten SBD and SBD is fluctuating around $3.4 mark.

I also observed that some people have now joined steemit just for the sake of flagging with or without any reason. Flagging (negative voting) is good for the community provided you have some strong and solid reason like plagiarism and just a single picture post taken from Google or pixabay but many people are doing this just for the sake of flagging and they don't even know why they doing it. It is a very bad sign for the community and we have to start a cause against such culprits.

Anyways, it's been some good and bad experiences I faced since I left blogging and came back which I just wanted to share with my friends and steemit community as we should take care that good and bad community must be separated and bad community must be thrown away to ensure there is no hindrance on our and Steemit's success way.

Please share you views and comments without any hesitation. Cheers!


Hi, As we know practical life is busy and everyone absobed in their busy life. But Social media plateforms like steemit gives us opportunity to connect with people. Warm welcome🔙.

Yes everyone is very busy in his job nowadays. Thanks for sharing your views.

Welcome back bro..

Thank you so much. I will try to continue blogging again. Hope you will check my blogs.

Welcome back bro on steemit @ghazanfar.ali

Thanks for your good words and appreciation. I will try to give some time to steemit as well.

Welcome back dear fried.
Upvoted and followed.

welcome come bake within us.

Happy Steeming.

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