A Catalog of Treasures, Just in Time for the Gift Giving Season! Consider Doing All Your Holiday Shopping On Peerhub with the Free Steem$ You Have Earned Here on Steemit, and Support a Worthy Cause!

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We are offering a beautiful holiday catalog of the epic treasures we have listed on Peerhub by SBD donation towards our cause of feeding, clothing, housing, and educating more people than ever before!

We make awesome, organic, and sustainable things at the Garden of Eden without supporting the global military industrial complex. We have:

  • farm-to-fork Über Dank PRESERVES
  • Epic Handmade KNIVES
  • homegrown TOBACCO
  • beyond organic, wildcrafted HERBAL SMOKING BLENDS
  • gemstone and crystal Medicinal JEWELRY
  • hand painted GEAR

PLUS, every custom, handmade, master crafted item is offered by donation towards our cause. Our proceeds are dedicated towards building a better world for ALL! 

These are handmade and homegrown items we have listed on the Peerhub Marketplace. You can exchange the Steem dollars you have earned from your posts on Steemit for real, tangible, and beautiful material goods produced in our honorable sustainable community! There is no taxation and no fees associated with these transactions. 

Sharing these unique items as gifts is the gift that keeps on giving, because not only will we strengthen the Steem economy, but our sustainable community uses ALL proceeds towards creating healthy, sustainable realities that benefit everyone and our living planet! We fed 40,000 free meals last year and saved 350,000 pounds of trash from the landfill. We have a negative carbon footprint and educate tens of thousands each year on sustainable systems. Our humanitarian outreach is super successful, and we are looking to break our own records! We are expanding our ecovillage to house dozens to hundreds of families with the launch of Eden 2.0.

For the festive season, please consider sourcing honorable gifts for your friends and family that supports a truly worthy cause! We can make this world a better place by considering even the simplest actions and exchanges and making sure they support our values. 

                                Please peruse our Peerhub catalog for more inspiration:        


Our fig harvest was plentiful this year, and we preserved the exceess in some dank sweets and spreads! 


We have an extensive selection of our garden's bounty preserved to whip out for parties or to impress the other survivors of the zombie apocalypse.


Knives are the most useful tool on Earth! A great blade is not only strong and durable, but beautifully crafted as well. We have many, many more knives that we will share throughout the season! 


Industrial cigarettes are little more than newspaper rolled with chemicals. Organic tobacco is a completely different experience that connects the smoker to the actual plant, known as a master teacher throughout many indigenous cultures. Herbal blends allow for a fully customizable and delicious experience, superior to packaged "cigarettes" in every way: flavor, taste, taxation, packaging, production, etc.


Handmade treasures offered at incredible values! Like our Epic Handmade Knives, these are wearable works of art. 



This gear is fully loved by the Eden Knights! Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, and we use the most sustainable materials to create them. 


These are some of the highlights of our successful season on Steemit and Peerhub! Please scope Peerhub for a full list of items now available, and feel free to contact us with any questions and interest. We truly have something for everyone, and it is all made in the most honorable fashion!!

We are the change we want to see in this world, and we're building an economy based on VALUES! Thank you for your support! 


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We really are adding the value to Peerhub. I love this catalog and the variety of things the GOE brings to the table. Great post!


This is only a tiny sampling of what we offer! It's great to have an honorable outlet for our honorable products!

excellent catalog of product, wonderful products congratulations my friend @gardenofeden


Thank you!

Good post to put out at a time like this!

Keep up all of your hard work!


Thanks, papa, you too! We really appreciate all of your support. You do a great deal for this community!

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