@eirik @manniman @synrg Why the downvote? I was given an opportunity to contribute my skills and talents on APPICS and it is on the Steemit platform? What do you want me to do? Be on HIVE? Why the power-trip? We are just minnows roaming in this ocean of opportunities.

Of course.

STEEM is trash as you can see from the above.

Hello there @eirik. I get your point. We in APPICS are in the process of migrating outside of this. We are just waiting for further announcements. I do apologize if you though I was a troll or something. I am certainly not. Instead of giving an all out war, I have to make sure I see to point that I got to know how you feel about all this. Yes, years of efforts on the Steem platform and we get all this in just one snap of a hand. Please lift your downvote as it would really affect my resources and probably my reputation. Thank you for understanding. Think of it as I am just being an idealistic person who just wants to make our community better. Thank you. Will start following you and if you thought of something better for me to do please let me know.

No problem.

Same has happened to me. But I will continue to say my piece and support Steemit going forward.

I think that is why the minnows are quiet because of the power trippy (multi-account) downvoters from H.

The trolls have changed their clothes that is all. They continue to vent and cry while some just want to be positive and get on with it.

I just upvoted some of your posts too to balance it out a bit. I just saw it as someone 'sucking up' to steemit inc. when with whats going on I think it's ridiculous people would want to do that. Weeks ago they were claiming that they would never freeze people's funds. Now they have done the exact thing they were 'reacting to' along with censoring accounts/posts, issuing massive downvotes etc. If anyone believes this post they have to be really gullible or not know what's going on at all. Just can't take the hypocrisy of these people. It was nothing personal, hope you have a great day :)

Hello @synrg. Thanks for doing that and I am grateful that you did coz I don't want to be the one who will spark an all-out war at all. We already have this issue about The COVID19 Pandemic (hope you are in a safe place) and this fork thing has really gotten worst than all of the drama that steemit has ever encountered.

Thank you for letting me know how you feel. If I were in your shoes and been with this platform and funds will get frozen then I might be out there doing the same thing. It's just that we are in a community that focuses on the bright side of things at the moment and new users that we get onboard didn't know what's happened just recently. I also created my HIVE account. Will also get active there. Have a wonderful day too sir. :)

Thanks for your response, I should have elaborated more than just a power trip like you said AKA just reacting with emotion. A bit of understanding goes a long way! I head ya on the positivity, with everything going on we need as much of that as possible. Be safe as well friend 🙂

I just upvoted some of your posts as compensation. Nothing against you pal :))

Thank you. Don't worry I won't be trigger happy to be the first one to post a comment on ever again! I already hid my comment. :)

Are you from Mars?

What do you think should I do? Go to HIVE? I can also see that I have been downvoted. APPICS is on the Steemit platform and what do you think we should do?

I just wonder if you're from Mars? @APPICS

There is terrible stuff happening here. Lies, fraud and high-level cyberattacks are ongoing here.

Sybil attack
In a Sybil attack, the attacker subverts the reputation system of a network service by creating a large number of pseudonymous identities and uses them to gain a disproportionately large influence. It is named after the subject of the book Sybil, a case study of a woman diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. The name was suggested in or before 2002 by Brian Zill at Microsoft Research. The term pseudospoofing had previously been coined by L. Detweiler on the Cypherpunks mailing list and used in the literature on peer-to-peer systems for the same class of attacks prior to 2002, but this term did not gain as much influence as "Sybil attack".

I'm sorry! I didn't know that! If you'll gonna look at my posts its all about photos and stuff and not participate with this online war. Yes we know that Steemit was bought by Justin Sun but we are not participating in this online war and just replied to the steemit blog. I hope you get my point sir.

Appics is not on steemit platform. And Appics is staying Neutral.

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