New Steem Rewards System? Just Noticed This...

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New Rewards System?

I just made a post about CaskCoin then went on to Steemit to claim a reward I had coming in, and I saw this:

Futurist Gear --futuristgear- — Steemit 3-19-2018 8-02-26 PM.png

I received SBDs and Steem Power/SP as usual, but also liquid STEEM! I haven't seen that before!

Here's what the payout should have been:

Futurist Gear --futuristgear- — Steemit 3-19-2018 8-06-15 PM.png

Did some of the SP get turned into liquid steem? Or was some of the SBD turned into STEEM? I'm not entirely sure...

Is this going to be the new payout type moving forward? I quite like the idea of getting some liquid STEEM straight from the payout, but where is it coming from?

Any links to some news on this development is more than welcome! I've not been posting too much lately. :-)

Thanks for viewing!


I have an idea I think it's healing in steemnow informing you is what I created and I think for now friend and it's like 10% of what the post does

I have no idea @angeltirado! I had another earning and it done the same thing. :-S

Steem, SBD, and Steem power again.

sounds strange to me too. any info please let me know. lets keep in touch mate

Yeah! Bit strange, it's already hard to know how much SP and SBD you get, but throwing STEEM into the mix seems like an extra complication. :-D

😁 sure and who knows what next hard fork will bring in the table . But anyways steemit for life. Keep it coming 😋

Yeah I'm looking forward to seeing what that will bring!

@fraenk wrote a very interesting post about the payouts if you want to check it out here:

makes much more sense to me now. :-D

Sure. Thanks and let's keep safe. Many spam is on steemit now. Wrote on it. Check it out in my blog

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