Make the most of your Steem Power with @slimwhale | 95% bid pool returns | 44% APR

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In this article I want to present you with an investment opportunity, in @slimwhale, a new bid voting bot, which I have founded a week ago


Why delegate?

Steem Power is a fantastic resource of renewable wealth, it represents the amount of Vests each user has in the STEEM blockchain. Basically all of us that have SP, own a piece of the blockchain. Utilizing this resource to its full potential is a time consuming activity. Whether you choose to make a lot of posts every day and then upvote those posts, or choose to go the curation path and support other content creators, a lot of time is required. For this reason, services like minnowbooster, smartsteem, various bid bots, have appeared on steemit, offering to lease your steem power and giving back a piece of the profits made using your steem power.

How does @slimwhale utilize steem power?

@slimwhale is a bid voting bot, listed on @yabapmatt fantastic service, steembottracker. I am sure a lot of you are familiar with bid voting bots and what they bring to the table. Every voting bot has a certain amount of SP, which determines its vote value. You can read about to calculate voting values by reading here. So, every 2.4h, there are folks bidding for a vote. This creates a voting pool. The more you bid, the bigger percentage of the vote you receive. Always be careful to check the max profitable bid, so that you don't overbid.

How does @slimwhale vote?
  • Vote at 100% power, every 2.4h
  • Posts that are not older than 3.5 days
  • Minimum bid of 0.02 SBD or STEEM
  • Automatically refunds invalid bids
  • Provides an API, so that the data being displayed on steembottracker about the bidding round is guaranteed to be correct

So, your SP will be utilized to increase the voting value for @slimwhale :)

What does 95% return mean?

Now that you understand bid voting, and SP, let's talk business. By investing SP in @slimwhale, you will be basically own a piece of @slimwhale. At the moment, @slimwhale has 5 SP and 545 SP delegated by me. This means, I own a 99% stake in the bot. For simplicity, let's say I own 100%. If you delegate, for example, 550 SP, matching my stake in the bot, the following will happen. The voting power of the slimwhale will double and hence, on average, the amount of bids received by the bot each round will double as well. I will receive half ( my new stake) of the voting pool and you will receive 95% of the other half. The other 5% will go to me and will be used to cover server costs for the bot. So, in conclusion, you will receive 95% profit from the bid pool, proportional to your investment.

Why not offer 100% return?

The bidding bot is a piece of software (open source, you can check it out here), that has to run 24h a day, every day. This requires computing power. At the moment, @slimwhale is being hosted in the Google Cloud. This hosting is not free, hence my 5% cut. Bots that shall remain nameless have promised a 100 % return on investment and went back on their promise, as this model is not sustainable and was clearly used to gain SP in a short amount of time. Even with this 5% cut, the bot will need to grow significantly in order to break even for me. I will never go back on my 95% return promise.

How do I invest?

Investing is simple. You can use @yabapmatt very simple tool, steembottracker and delegate whatever amount you feel comfortable with. I recommend investing more than 10 SP though, otherwise the payout from each round may be to small to register. I have created some custom links as well you can use to delegate: 10SP, || 50SP || 500SP

Is my SP safe?

If at any point you feel like you aren't getting the most out of your delegation, again, using @yabapmatt tool, you can undelagate. After 7 days, the SP will return to you.

Get to know the men behind the keyboard

I am @prometheus21 and I am a software engineer from Romania, a small country in Eastern Europe. You can read more about me, in my introduce myself post I have made a while ago. I have created a Discord server, for investors and users of @slimwhale. Drop by, let's get to know each other, and create something great together.


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It is not 100% return on investment. It is 95% of the bids. You should clarify that part of your post.

If you could provide an apr estimate i would consider delegate sp.

I should have been more clear about that, I apologize. I would estimate the APR to be around 44%, assuming you don't compound and reinvest the returns.

With 100sp delegation how much are the returns given the current prices?

From what I have seen in the last week, you should see, on average, around 0.12 SBD daily.

Good one. So what if I want to delegate and my SP is not up to 500 steem can I delegated?
For bidding, what's the max and if I bid say 1sbd, how much ROI can I expect in sbd.
More so, I am a bit confused using steem bot tracker as regards timing of bid, if I need to bid for a post to be upvoted between 5 to 10minute of bidding, how do I target the timing? I guess those in green are already booked for bidding...

You can delegate as much as you feel comfortable with, I just gave the 500 steem as an example. You can delegate 10, 100, 1000 steem, whatever.

As far as bidding, on steembottracker you can see 2 columns, one for the max suggested bid and one for details. You should never bid more than the max suggested bid. The details column, if you click on details, a pop up will appear with all the current bids and the ROI. The ROI is how much profit everyone who has made a bid can expect at that particular moment. If a new bid comes, the ROI will of course diminish, as the bidding pool will greater, so everyone will receive a smaller vote.

Those in green are not booked, they are just the bots that are a few minutes away from bidding and you can still place a profitable bid with them. Good luck bidding, and delegate some steem to @slimwhale for a good profit!

Sure. I also need to know if I have 200 steem can I delegate? I thought delegation can only start from when a user has 500 steem power up.
How do I confirm bots that comments after upvote from one that doesn't.

You can delegate even if you have less than 500. It is recommended that you keep at least 10 SP in your account, for bandwidth reasons, the rest you can delegate however you wish. The bots that don't comment have a special icon, on the filter section on steembottracker:

2018-03-13 (2).png

The last filter is the one you are looking for

Now I get it. Thanks . Let's keep in touch

Sure. You can join my @slimwhale discord channel here

Ok. Good one..💪

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I dont suppose you could help out a fellow small bot owner. How did you get the bid based api working please?

Well, it really depends on what you're using to deploy the bot. In order to just get it to work, you just need to set up the config correctly, see the postpromoter repo on git

"api": {  // This will expose an API endpoint for information about bids in each round
    "enabled": true,
    "port": 3000

Thabks for your reply. I meant the purple tick. The accurate bid api.
Many thanks

In the bot owner config section in the steembottracker webpage, you will have a field where the API endpoint needs to be filled. If everything is ok, the tick will appear.

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I Joined steemit in August 2017. In that time Ive posted over 16,00 of my original videos and blog posts. I've made approx 200 usd in sbd & steem.
Honestly I'm dumpster diving for stuff to sell on cregslist lately!
I'm freken broke.
QUESTION....... Is their a users guide to sucking whale cock?
Asking for a friend!

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