DTube Is A LONG Term Investment! | Cryptocurrencies I Currently Invest In?

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▶️ DTube

To really be honest with everyone, I'm super excited about the future of Steem and Crypto Currency as a whole 👍✨❕

I look forward to sharing the future with you all 🌍✨

I have been working on my blog for around 3 weeks documenting on my journey of starting a business. Steemit is truely my long term investment. I would also be starting my Dtube channel.

It's really great, you just read my mind I was just thinking that someone should do a video on this... Awesome! You should consider making a step by step vlog on this for people to be able to follow along with the steps as well as additional ideas you might have. I wish people would think #Steemit through on something you mentioned in this video. We should all help each other be successful. Doing this not only reciprocates the support, but everyone becomes successful together. And even further, #Steemit then becomes more popular.

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can we connect to get talking, i wanna learn something about this cryptos and investments in it

Can someone please fix DTube so it will work with Google Chrome? It works fine on Safari, but I prefer to user Chrome over Explorer on my Windows based machine.


I prefer using Firefox, cause you have more settings for don`t be tracked or all these little things ;D Try it

Congratulations on your success on Dtube. Keep up the good work.

Dtube will absorb a lot of demonetized Youtubers, I can promise you that! I would invest in Steem just because of this little fact!

I checked and seems like it's working.

you are saying right youtube gone.Now the time of Dtube

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you must be a youtuber

Still youtube is the second largest Website of the World, with over 20 billion hits a Month. I would like the additude of your post, but you're a spam bot, chatching money by spamming "youtube is dead" as first respond.

SO: DOWNVOTE for you!

not a spam bot just spreading the word that youtube is dead.nice try

Numbers are not on your side buddy. I like enthusiasm for DTube, but I hate spam and respond bots.

nope its very much alive my friend,i feel both dtube and youtube are a good platform to share your content and be rewarded for it, you never know whats coming next, you cant just predict youtubes future just like that!!!

Steem is the most attractive investment especially as you don't even need to invest your personal funds to be an investor. Just look at you!

I like your video .... butttt Litecoin really :P
Bitcoin Cash is much better then Litecoin

Agreed the people that HODL Steem now will be set for life!

not set for life, but definitely make a nice little penny. they need to implement basic features such as quality video resolution instead of 480p, and some form of advertising on a massive platform before it can take off. either that or like PewDiePie jumps ship and comes to Dtube, THEN we would see a massive jump in popularity for Dtube

Dtube is the way of the future!

Well you forget that people that invest in the 90's also list loads of $$$ the thing is invest in the correct projects then you will be set for life ;)

is this pete in real? is her here? lol im watching odl the old stuff with the warheads right now

Great video :-)
I completely agree in the long-term view also.

I also think we will see more and more bloggers / vloggers to the platform over the coming weeks and months.

Also the platform really is addicitice and awesome!!

I like all the projects steem is developing, Dtube, Dlive, Dsound, and many more to come :))

I think Dtube is the next step for all Vloggers since the problems of Google Adsense on youtube, So I agree with you when you said STEEM and Dtube are a looong long-term investment.

Also, I think we need to share Dtube with our vlogger friends, so we can increase the community here.

I really hope from you to make videos about other different investments and Short videos as you mentioned ^_^ as short videos are better than long ones :)

Thank you for this video :D

I agree Dtube has just started and has to go long then only we will be able to encash it

Would it be wise to transfer all of my Youtube videos to Dtube now?

steemit is the way forward

Everything related to steem blockchain have great future.

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You are right!
We need to create Assets!! ^_^

Agree ,agree @furiouspete123 this is really a long term investment, it's good we are in...at this early stage.

YouTube should officially be renamed into CensorTube

DTube 4 the WIN

Haha. Censortube is very funny guys. I agree with you


All the good crypto all the good systems and all the good platforms are long term. Patience is a virtue. Good vid!

Dude, I totally so agree with you. We are only in the early stages of steem. And anyone who really invest the time to get a following will see huge, huge benefits from it. I know that it can be a challenge to get started and find your way around the platform but I encourag you just tell yourself you will spend at least 1 hour a day on it. I guarantee you, you will start understanding more and you will find at a point that you begin to understand. Please just be patient. And even if its just $20 per month, please invest in steem. And if that is too much, try doing $20 per two months. Just get into a practice of investing every month or every other month.

Hello Pete,

Love your work!

I would like to make a cartoon picture for you if you'd like?
You can check ny blog to see some examples I did for other Steemians.
Would be my pleasure :-)


Sorry... not hungry or sexy. But, short is better. Long time consuming posts of any kind are a drag.

I hear everything you're putting down. Now get to pivoting you big bad beautiful whale...lol.

I like your posts, your posts are good

I love the enthusiasm you have for Steemit. It is good to see - it almost matches my own!. It would be interesting for you to explain why you are investing in different cryptos

this is really a long term investment its good, i am in at this early stage. hold steem now .

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Dtube is good project, hope it overtakes the greedy youtube owners. Vloggers deserve more for their efforts and content. I will create a channel there and start doing videos about cryptos :) Feel free to support me.

We are Dtube. Say no to Youtube
Youtube make me bored, I have work hard for two years te get subscriber but youtube suspen my channel. I have follow all youtube rule.
WE ARE DTUBE. if you agree please comment

good ,i like to this yes youtube is dead.It would be interesting

Just like steemit, I believe dtube is a long-term investment as well! I can't wait to see the next two to three years, image and all the development that will follow!

I feel so privileged to be a part of the DTube Family.
If only the major YouTube creators knew just how great this platform is, and what a huge benefit it is to them to solve their monetization problems.
Cryptocurrency is the future, and DTube is proof of it. Just by simply upvoting people's content, they get revenue from it. It's absolutely incredible.
Once more huge YouTube personalities see this potential, they will probably come SWARMING to DTube.

So when it comes to DTube, in the words of Ghost:


Totally! And who knows? Maybe one day, D.Tube/Steemit might come up with some kind of reward system for getting so many subscribers like those play buttons Youtube like to pass around.

One of my favorite competitive eaters. Along with Matt Stonie. Nice to see you on this platform :)

You are right. I recently discovered DTube and I think it's a fantastic replacement for YouTube. No censoring and taking away commissions. What's even better? Now everyone gets paid

your words are incredible 👍😊

Outstanding 👍
your words are incredible


Great information to know. I agree with you, and it will be an investment worth getting into so early!

Plostingan yang menarik..
Tolong dongk upvote kembali ke saya terima kasih.

i hope in that project

Hey guys! I know it's a bit shameful, but I would love it if anyone could come by and check out some of my vids! I do gameplay vids and would really appreciate any support for someone who's new to making videos :) Thanks a lot and have a great day.

future is about Dtube and youtube is going to be at end of his breath

Hope to seen another post like this and knowing something to any of your skills.

DTube you're doing great job keep it up! @furiouspete

your post is awesome i love it best of luck''''

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Regarding 'long term investments' what time range are you considering to be 'long'?
2 years? 5 years? 10 Years?

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I am an early investor in crypto currency so i made a huge worth from it. And so i support projects like dtube and others.

I will not back step if dtube wants my help in any manner. I can invest, fund or help in development.

Nice post it's give knowledge

Step by step bye bye Youtube

Yes Agree - All good things take time and Steem is a Revolution with DTube a huge Arm of Potential !

Dtube is the next biggest thing in the world. YouTube is also a great platform. To check which platform is the best, you can use both together and compare.

it seems the Canadian guys get rich from this work
steem means money
money means future
future means you
i followed you man
i liked that

Pete, I had no idea you were on here! Super great to see you, my man! Keep on keepin' on!

Steemit and cryptocurrency has a great future ahead , more blessings to unfold , i pray we will be part of those blessings.

Nice..i liked it..

Im so excited to work with steemit

So little scribblings, so many rewards. Hmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. 😴

nice post

I Upvoted and Followed You. Do the same For me and we could Help each Other Earn !!!

you are so great

I am new in steemit. But honestly I am very much inspired from you. Hope can do well in future. Thank you.

I was disappointed with Bitcoin, and I think I still am. The idea of a cryptocurrency with no apps, that ends up being used solely as an investment vehicle is okay, but it's not really jam. I don't like the idea that it's something that only the elite have access to. What excites me about Steem and platforms like it, is how it has apps built in. Dtube, busy, et all. It clicks in my brain as something with real possibility. It gets me excited in ways Bitcoin always should have, but never did. Being at the early stage in this, and with the incentive structure the way it is. That really gets me going. So naturally, the first place my brain goes is how to build on it. How to build apps that take advantage of it.

yes,definately a long term investment and needs patience

I'm sorry if I sound rude but why aren't you posting about steemit on your youtube, we need more people on steemit to make it grow and people like you who have such huge audiences can do so.

👍👍👍👍👍 post

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Excellent post I congratulate you, you have my vote

i love furiouspete

good post!
follow and voting ^^

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dtube is a long term investment for people like us, but i dont think its a long term investment for you, since you have a big audience on youtube, you are bringing all your youtube audience here. You are growing like a giant elephant in this community already, real fast like bullet train.

great post.. thanks for your post sharing..

What businesses do you own and invest in? Nice video!

youtube is not sold anymore, DTube will be more advanced in the future, great post.. :)

hallo frends.post you are very nice. i love it

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How to get revenue in short term by investing in cryptocurrencies?

Sent back vote and comentar, thanks