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So during my break I delegated most of my SP to the minnowbooster bot. After all if I don't write any fresh articles there is no point in letting it sitting there doing nothing.

But now that I slowly start to write again I thought better to undelegate my SP for the full award. And so I did.
I was aware that it takes 7 days to undelegate SP from the Minnowbooster bot, however what I did not know was that during those 7 days there is no Minnowbooster payout?!

That sounds a little unfair to me because I'm sure that for those 7 days @minnowbooster is taking the full advantage of my delegated SP.

Any one else had this experience?


Thanks all for the info. 7 days is a long time if you are waiting for it. ;)
3 days sounds much better, wonder why it is suddenly sufficient to shorten that period.

What do you mean unfair? No one is using the SP it is in cool down mode why would you expect to get paid for something that is not being used?

I don't understand why you think so though.

Isn't that just the 7 day cooling down period? Where neither of the accounts can control the SP?

@abh12345 perhaps you know this?
Since you delegate quite a lot?

Not sure. But would assume as it's not in your account to use, it 'might as well' be somewhere to be of use.

Just walking by. When you undelegate, they can't use the SP during those 7 days, so why do you believe it is unfair? Removing delegation is instant but you will be able to use the SP after 7 days.

So you are certain that after removing a delegation the SP can't be used by anyone for 7 days?

Yup cant be used for 7 days, HF20 will lower the wait time to 3 days.

Why wil HF20 lower the wait time to only 3 days?

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