Steemit Boost Guide #1 || 5 Steemit Bots that will Skyrocket your Post visibility & Payout

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It been about a week or more since I joined this Awesome community , I started posting from the hour I got registered but after a post or 2 when u see that your work is not giving the expected results we start getting depressed and distracted. 

If I knew from day 1 that there are some projects to help newbies & good content creators in the community , I would of saved some time and efforts .

Dont forget to join all the channels linked below , it will really help you to connect with new people and make some friends in this friendly community

So here are the 5 Bot projects (PAID & FREE ) to increase your post visibility & payout.

1. Minnowsupport (@minnowsupport) {Free}

A free Bot Its the most used bot in the community , it will help you in increasing the visibility of ur post by providing some upvotes to ur post. It can only be used once in 12 hrs per post

You will have to use

 $register yourid 

and send 0.001 to @minnowbooster

once registered use command

$upvote postlink


2. Randowhale (@randowhale) {PAID}

Its randowhale with NO M

This one is a PAID bot , 

Send 2 SPD to @randowhale with your post link in the memo

You will be upvoted randomly from 1% to 49% 

The higher the % the more payout & ROI you have.

3. Booster  (@booster) {PAID}

Contributed to the community by @fyrstikken & @inertia

One of the best bot yet to receive a good ROI and Payout

IT works on a auction based model , to know how it works checkout this POST

Join the Steemspeak DISCORD CHANNEL

4. Whaleshares {PAID}

It is also one of the most used bots to gain upvote & Payout to increase post visibility .

Contributed to the Community by @officialfuzzy

You can get some free whaleshares from the discord channel during the giveaway

The way it works is quite different than others so i would request you to check THIS POST

Join the Whaleshare DISCORD CHANNEL

5.Minnowbooster (@minnowbooster) {Paid}

One of the Newest booster in the community , 

The way it works is that you have to buy Steem Power with STEEM DOLLAR for a period of time, if you dont know what they are  search the terms and follow.

Here is a great guide for minnowbooster CLICK HERE 

Join the Minnow Booster Discord Channel 

I hope you like this compilation of bots and the guide to it , I will be sharing more of it and alot more other content to keep my audience engaged and entertained . Dont Forget to UPGOAT :)

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So you can get a lot of vote from bots, not from people, It's still useless, the most important thing is to improve your writing, add more values to your post.


But even if you write the best post, and spend hours working on it but nobody sees it, whats the point?


@aabb I completely agree with your statement but Steemit is already clutted with so much posts in an unorganised way that it is very hard to get you post visible to the audience , these bots are only to give you a jumpstart not a success .

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