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Greetings everyone,

We are very happy and quite proud to share with you what we hope will be a first of many. Fundition is being talked about in the press these days, thanks to the partnership we’ve formed with, the fantastic open source crowdsourcing platform.

If you want to read the good news, you can drop by here and have a gander for yourself at one of the press releases that were released last week:


(Illustration by @sndbox)

But if you want the short version, @Fundition and @Utopian-io are coming together to better serve all those interested in developing Free and Open Source projects around the world. You’ll have access to both the funding resources you need, thanks to our effort to spearhead crowdfunding on the Steem blockchain, and to the development power established by through its network that aims to reward contributions to such projects.

There’s never been a better time to get started on development. Expect news like this to keep coming as time goes on. The blockchain is getting traction, and soon enough we’ll be everywhere.

Let’s change the world for the better together!

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this projects will be boom up to the moon. this is amazing i salute you @funition you really are the great contender keep it up and congrats to be handshaking of @utopian.oi and congrats both of you...

This is more than important for the Ecosystem, I wish everybody can Resteem this and start making some noise.

Having the chance to be involved with this two High-end Platforms is just a Dream come true for the evolution of the Blockchain!

Resteemed of course and a Lot of Energy for this Work you are doing together!

Peace V!

More of good things at platform. I hope you work will gonna be inspiration for others :D Keep it up! :D

That's the true power of Steem: the ability to bundle forces and to benefit from synergy in order to empower people!

Great news @fundtion and @utopian-io, loved and resteemed! Can't wait to see the first projects coming out of this new joint venture.

Excellent work. I only discovered you last week and have already been spreading the word on other platforms. Well done.

I'm so happy for fundition project, it's among the most promising projects on Steem! I wish the team all the best!!
Congrats, this wonderful post is featured on today's Joy News (in Chinese :D)

This is great @fundition. Welldone

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Congrats both of you and for the wonderful agreement and partnerships, we salute you both god bless and hope you both soar up high ang giving more love,blessing to the community.

Great work, well done

What good news! It feels a lot of positive power to change the world around here. You make possible so many projects and initiatives that allow us to dream of building a better world. The limit is the sky.
Warm greetings

Thanks for partnarship. But he did not give any details of what he shared and how he did it.

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I am trying to build an app for Cryptocurrency analysis and Steemit. I need support. How can I get fundition to help me? I have the project on github, it is open-source and I have blogged on it (here on Steemit using #utopian-io tag) as I made a couple of changes to the skeleton of the app.