The Sunday Promote Your Post Live Show With @Kotturinn - 7PM EST and 11PM UTC

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Good evening to all you great people of Whaleshares world and Steemit land, I hope things are going great. I want to remind you guys that we have another Promote Your Post show coming up tonight, where you're invited to come along and grab some extra upvotes and resteems for one of your posts. Tonight your host for the show again will be the outrageously fantastic @kotturinn.

The Promote Your Post show is sponsored by the incredible Whaleshares project that continues helping minnows in the Steemit community, helping them gain fairer rewards for decent content, and also helping them get that one step closer to becoming a whale themselves. For all those presenting a post tonight you will be awarded with some Whalecoins and Beyondbits.

Please note that you will need to present your post in English and you will need to make sure your microphone is functioning correctly. You should also be aware that as the event is so busy now it has become impossible to call people to present on the order they entered the room. I will get through as many posts as I can.

If you're not familiar with Whaleshares, Beyondbits and Hairshares and the help they can offer minnows and their posts click on the following link which will direct you to the new Whaleshares information website . A big thank you to @officialfuzzy for his support for the Promote Your Post show.

Depending on how many attendees we get the structure of the Promote Your Post session will be as follows:

  • 3 minutes presentation with your link dropped in the chatroom
  • 3 minutes group discussion time

We get the party started at 7pm EST or 11pm UTC and you can find us on the new Official Whaleshares server on Discord, we'll be in The Lounge. A link to the new Whaleshares server is here -

So if you're looking for a warm and friendly place where you can grab some extra upvotes and resteems for one of your posts, and if you want to meet some inspiring people and get some extra followers then come along.

Hope to see you there!


You back yet? :P

Not that we don't LOVE @kotturinn, because we do! :D

Very well :D

I wanna say hi to everyone in this community. ✋☺✌

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