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RE: Introducing PSI: Payouts Sustainability Indicator (beta) for Steem

in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

Could y'all help me understand a couple of things ..

Where does the money we currently spend to 'promote' a post, go? Does it come back to the promoter to any degree? Does it benefit the wider reward pool, or rather does it benefit the overall community to any substantial degree?

Theoretically, how would this percentile be affected if we were given the ability to add our own purchased STEEM direct to individual total post rewards (to any post)? (ie. tipping, but not treated separately from the total reward which would be shared with curators according to current ratios).

I am thinking that having this ability might be a great way to promote a post, perhaps to pay people to consume advertising, to provide direct funding to projects (with blockchain record) .. so on and so forth ..