animated 3D steemit logo GIF

in steemit •  3 years ago  (edited)

This is a 3D animation of the steemit logo, made with Blender. It is based on this article, where steemit user @dunja created the logo in SVG. I didn't like the font, but I used the three lines in Blender with File->Import->Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg). Much easier than the manual tracing method described here, if you have the logo in SVG format (if not, you can use a vector tracing program to convert a bitmap file to a vector file). For the font I used DejaVu (the sans serif version). The background is an environment panorama from this site. The materials are based on this free nice collection and modified by me.

I'm a beginner with Blender, but you can download the zip file with all resources, if you want to improve it. I rendered it to MP4, then used to convert it to an animated GIF file.

You can use the animated GIF for whatever you want, if you link to this posting.

Higher quality file of the animation in MP4 format:

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Amazing! Well done.

Also a Blender newbie... Good work...