Steemit Event Pampanga - March 2018 [Budget Proposal] #promo-steem PROMOTIONAL LOAN PITCH

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Why we need our own steemit events?

It's very hard for a talented artist to get support if he/she doesn't have huge numbers of followers or doesn't have useful connections in the industry, especially in a third world country.

The lack of support for their arts is a huge problem but if they promote alone they'll only be welcomed by the noisy world of advertising created by huge names/companies with big pockets to support their promotion.

Real world Contests

Contests are the best way to promote anything, here in our platform it proved to be the best way for minnows to get rewarded but in return the person who's hosting the contest get followers and upvotes which is a win-win situation. Why not make a contest in the real world?

  • We can host an open-mic event for singers and spoken word artists.
  • Painters exhibition contest
  • Steemit Beauty Pageants
  • and more.. our only limit is our creativity (steemians can also comment for the type of contests they wanna support)


  • Steemit supports those who are talented.
  • Massive attention on the platform (TV News coverage, Newspaper, Social Media etc.)
  • Talented individuals joining steemit (In order to participate they need to signup to the platform if they're not yet a member)
  • Micro-influencers like well known artists will probably promote steemit to their followers.
  • businesses loves to sponsor events with huge number of audience, this will probably make them interested in our platform and there's a high chance they might invest.
  • Steemit footprint in the real world.


To provide the best contests and events for talented steemians to showcase their talents while promoting steemit through entertaining events.


To create multiple events that showcase different talented steemians each month starting in our city Pampanga and in the future the whole country Philippines.

March 2018 (Open-mic event for Singers/Bands)

In our country as a whole, people love music and they love to sing. There are so many talented singers in our city as well as bands that every year countless battle of the bands or singing competitions are organized which are sponsored by malls and businesses because the huge crowds that's usually associated with them.

Costs in Php (Philippine peso) & USD (US dollar)

  • Personnel: Host & helpers (3) x 500php total = 1,500php or $30
  • Equipments: Lights & Sound = 5,000php or $100
  • Prices: will be divided into three winners (5,000php, 3,000php, 2,000php) = ($100, $60, $40)
  • Other expenses like food and marketing materials will be shouldered by this posts' payout

Total in USD = $330 or 76 STEEM* if STEEM is equal to ($4.34 at the time of this post)


One event is equal to hundreds of audience, possible business investors, news and TV coverage and talented individuals signing up on the platform.

With or without help I'd continue promoting steemit as it changed my life, it gave me freedom and I want to share this gift to other individuals especially those who deserves to be supported but with your help we can reach more people and together we can create a huge difference in their lives. Thank you for creating #promo-steem @starkerz @anarcotech @stephenkendall

PS: Ill try to use @dlive to livestream the event or just upload the whole thing on @dtube.

My previous promotion and event (2 tv coverage and 20 signup out of 70 people who attended)

Thank you Steemit! Happy promoting!

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Hi @francispalo,

It seems you got a $41.0928 upvote from @surpassinggoogle at the last minute before the payout. (23.01h) and this comment is to make everyone aware.

Please follow @abusereports for additional reports of reward pool abuse. Thank you.

I wish you success in you loan pitch, I see already, promo-steem community willing to help. Good luck


Thank you @samiwhyte will give my best for steemit and my supporters

I will start the ball rolling with a 10SBD microloan to this. You need to raise another 66SBD, and if you can get people to put their names to it, I will personally send you 10SBD to get going as a microloan. If you manage to make it back with a profit by making posts, then repay it, and I'll loan it to someone else. If you don't....well, that's how it goes sometimes.

Keep me posted as to how it goes. A word of warning...don't try to rush it. If it takes a couple of months to get it right, then do that instead.


THIs is one of the best loan pitches I have ever seen! I’m very interested to help out!! I am happy to make up the rest that u need to get to ur total per above (approx 66 sbd)


Brilliant. Well done guys, you've raised your money. It took less than a day.

One day, you'll be running an ICO, and I hope it fills out just as fast for you! Congrats. Please let us know when you need it, and do keep us updates as to how it goes.


And if you make it really big, I might come out and see the show.


I watched that video last month and liked the music! You guys know what you're doing and I believe it will be effective @francispalo - I was going to chip in but got caught up with another post comment and when I came back @starkerz came into the dragons den and funded the whole balance of your funding requirement! Which is excellent. But bad news guys the exchange rate has moved against you since your post and you haven't got a contingency. So I'd be happy to loan in 10SBD if ok and then you have some downside protection on the currency movement and a little bit of overfunding to make it a bit special. I would look forward to seeing the results.


I will try and talk to a big mall for the event to take place there. More eyes on us steemit.

Thank you for your support i will mention you @starkerz and @cryptocurator at my speech today at a university. Its a seminar about leadership and management, i happen to know the organizers so they gave me a spot.


I read ur comments for five times thats how happy i am seeing the support for my plans. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much.

@starkerz & @anarcotech ill focus on quality and proper execution for this event so I can make every cent count.

@cryptocurator thank you so much ill take you up on your offer as i need extra funds for contingencies.

Steemit deserves the best way to be presented to the public.

I look forward to attending one of these events in Pampanga someday soon!


I look forward to meeting you @cloh76 thank you for your support you wont regret it.

@francispalo Hello bro, taga Angeles kayo?
Where is your next meeting?

If I have a chance maybe I will join your meeting. :)


Around angeles kami nagmmeeting usually sa museum ng angeles. As of now wla pa date but ill let you know asap. Thank you


Okay sure, just tag me up on your blog soon. Thank you!

We will make our own community, maybe steempampanga? hahahaha

Promo-steem has decided to help you that's very positive to you, I wish you good luck, good motivation brings things always good.


Thank this means a lot

Wow amazing post.....i like your post..... thanks for sharing sir......

wow its really nice to watch your post thanks a lot sir @surpassinggoogle <3
for sharing with us :)

Please, i got lost of the exact date this march


Goodafternoon @valsroad were yet to schedule the final date for the event but im sure to let you know as soon as we finalized the dates. Thank you and i hope to see you there goodluck!


Alright thanks @francispalo. I will be waiting

Thank you.. I really appreciate your speech. Nice work. Continue

I am interested to watch this events in Pampanga it's looks very interesting
I'm I looking forward to your next update..


Looking forward to meeting you @sanach thank you


This is a fantastic idea, this really go a long way for steemit, I wish you best in getting all the funds you need, great initiative. Am highly inspired


Thank you for your support!


very amizing


Thank you!

nice post

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