Steemit Announcement Soon!

in steemit •  2 years ago

Hi guys,

I have just come up something that I think it's really a good Steem promotion and in general something good for Steemers and other crypto enthusiasts. I think it can be really good for Steem stability (long term), "the concept I mean", but I also want to make it a good movement and don't influence the wrong path.

My idea through steemit community is that everyone should have a word in society. I know that this can be overwhelmingly difficult to process if you consider all aspects, but in essence, it's a good thing (in my opinion). It goes the same way blockchain goes: Distributed, unregulated, open, etc...

Because words have value, I though in giving up value to Steemers! But to do this I had to be unbiased. So I though, in a random way, I would need to be certain that everyone had an equal chance of expression, at the same level a rich guy has in comparison to a poor person.

SO, I will be launching a little game soon (more like an idea). The game is based entirely on and will be just a focus of what I want to achieve. The objective is: You should have the chance to YOUR word, at the same or higher power someone else has.

Therefore, bear with me... I just need to make up the logo and come up with the math for it, and soon it will be here.

See you soon and let me know your thoughts. I know it's not much but this is all I have right now.

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Nice idea! Will definitely support this! 😊


Working on the maths is getting hard =) But promising! I hope... Will need a broad public. So I am still wondering how will I expand the idea. I will come up with something I am sure!

Also, forget to tell it is something I wish to bring every week.

And another one...

Progressing here... I have 2 issues to solve from the technical execution point of view. This week will be a hard week for me, so let's see if I can launch this during the weekend. Cheers.

Done. First event in action... let's see how it works. Please share it if you wish others to have a Voice.