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RE: @tipU Voting Service Quick Guide [updated 19.06.2018]

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Hey @cardboard.
I wondered how you handle @tipU upvoting abuse (such as plagiarism)? Can we report it in some way or don't you care about that? What do you do if you see very obvious abuse?


Hi @flugschwein :) before upvoting @tipU check if the post was flagged by @steemcleaners or @blacklist-a - if yes, the payment is refunded with no upvote. If there's an obvious plagiarism found manually, the vote is taken back.

Then I got a few cases for you. :)
1 (source is found in the comments - not commented/flagged by @steemcleaners (yet?))
2 (same thing)
You should probably blacklist that user ;)
Thank you for the response and your openness to remove votes etc.

Thanks, will check it out :)

Edit: yup, seems pretty obvious, will add the user to blacklist. Thanks for help, tip! 1

Hi @flugschwein! You have received 1.0 SBD tip from @cardboard!

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