Meet the sweet, Polish girl! :)

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Hello everyone!
Do you care about health and body, but you love sweets?
You are in the right place! :)
You can find here recipes for delicious and healthy FIT sweets!
Zero sugar! Zero empty calories! Max taste and only healthy ingredients!


My name is Cecilia, I'm 27 years old and I live in Poland.
I lead a healthy lifestyle, I regularly practice yoga, pay attention to what I eat and I am addicted to sweets. :)
Usually when I’m going for shopping or to the cafeteria, I had a problem with finding a sweet snacks that would not contain a ton of sugar and preservatives. As you probably guessed it is not so easy. :)
That's why I decided to take matters into my own hands and started preparing sweets that instead of empty calories contain macronutrients and vitamins necessary for health.



I've been experimenting in the kitchen for a long time and I have developed recipes using the "trial and error" method, thanks to this I can prepare not only tasty but also valuable sweet snacks.



I share my experience with you because I believe that anyone who cares about their health should have access to healthy replacements of sweets, which are sold in stores.

On my blog you will find proven ideas for delicious and healthy FIT snacks, thanks to which you can provide yourself with a decent dose of protein, healthy fats and vitamins.
The recipes are easy to prepare and do not contain too many ingredients. Everything so that everyone can prepare them at home. :)

In addition to cooking, I'm interested in photography, so you can count on a lot of photos, on which I will show interesting ideas for decorating and serving prepared sweets.



I hope that I will inspire you to prepare them at home and thanks to this, I will help you in caring for health, figure and good form without unnecessary sacrifices!

It will be colorful, it will be delicious, and most importantly healthy, so leave me a follow!
Tomorrow I will repay you with a recipe for delicious banana fit-muffins! :)


Have a sweet day!
Cecilia C.


I’m still learning English, so I am asking for your understanding. :)

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Hey girl, I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and love you photos, you are lovely and smart, love natural remedies, these foods are so delicious and healthy hehe.

Hey Oatmeal Joey Arnold! :)
I blushed a little bit, but thank you for your kind words! <3 :)

My Little Pony Girl, hope you enjoy your ride.

Hello dearie..

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Look forward to seeing you there.

@biljed thank you for comment and invitation! :)

yum yum yum! resteemed!

@geetinstitute thank you so much! <3

oops... I meant to resteem it from this account!

Thank you anyway! ;)

słodkie :) obserwuje i pozdrawiam :)

@stachu dziękuję i również pozdrawiam! :)

everything looks delicious! ^_^ welcome to steemit <3

@arielrebel thank you for the welcome and I am glad that you like my work! :) Much love! <3

Welcome to Steemit, you are very beautiful, I followed you, I hope you will follow me, too. Always glad to meet new people!
I love everything sweet! And here everything is so beautiful! ;)

@veseloff hhank you for follow and kind words! :)

Welcome to steemit
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@rosestar thank you for comment and invitation! :)

Welcome to Steemit @fit.sweetz!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

Welcome! hope you like the platform and will do well! really impressed by the work you put into your introduction ,traveled for four years and post about it now, never been to Poland! have a good one

@heyitshaas thank you for the welcome and appreciation of my work! It means a lot to me! <3

I love traveling, so I will definitely look at your blog!
And if you decide to take a trip to Poland ( it's worth it!) let me know - I'll give you some useful tips! :)

by the way if you like cooking contest my friend is hosting one,you can win STD to the account is @cookwithus
maybe something fun to show people what you do here on steemit

That's a brilliant first post!

@tomsweet thank you! <3

Piękne, pyszne zdjęcia! Witamy na Steemit, powodzenia! :)

@anna.urbanska dziękuję za ciepłe powitanie! :)

Uczta dla oka !
Cieszę się że tu jesteś, powodzenia!

Dziękuję, bardzi mi miło :)