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Steemit turned 1 today and it's also my 29th birthday! Looking back at the past 9-10 months, I've spent a large portion of it on things related to Steemit. It feels amazing and certainly well worth the time and effort! This time last year I was yet to discover Steemit. Then, I couldnt have imagined I'd be going on a great digital journey along with other Steemians!

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My Steemit journey began as a participant on the old Slack in June last year. In the early days it was hard to grasp that somebody had managed to build a unique platform and a fresh revenue model that we have here. I proceeded carefully with some scepticism as many of the early non-crypto members of our platform. It took me a few days to understand and I have been hooked to this platform co-founded by @dan and @ned ever since.

I've seen the site grow rapidly, provide exceptional rewards to users. From being an overactive participant on the chat to becoming the face of Steemit.Chat as the admin-courtesy @riverhead putting his faith in me. I went with the flow and saw myself make it to SteemFest as the only representative from my country-India and put together a team to help @roelandp execute his vision for the very first Steemit conference and also made a presentation with @anyx at the event.

[L-R] @foxxycat @anyx @razvanelulmarin @anduweb @sjennon @firepower (in the center) @roelandp and Freddy!

This is where I saw the hidden potential of Steemit. When you put faces and personalities to usernames, it changes everything! You make a real connection with people! I came back home in December having made some great new friends from all over the world! Real people, whom I've since kept in touch with regularly!

I do miss the times spent with @roelandp @sjennon @timsaid @kevinwong @foxxycat @anyx @razvanelulmarin @anduweb @mammasitta @saramiller @gardenofeden as well as the pleasure of hanging out in the bylanes of Amsterdam with top investors such as @blocktrades and his lovely wife. It was also wonderful meeting top devs at steemit such @jamesc @originate @svk @xeroc @roadscape amongst many other wonderful folks and exchange ideas and converse.

I even managed to get quite a few people on board and some are still around and posting. Someday I hope I can assist in getting thousands of members on board at Steemit from India.

Short Sabbatical from Steemit

On the 9th of Feb, I met with an accident. I was touring on my motorcycle when someone crashed into me and put me out of action. It resulted in multiple fractures, blood loss, low haemoglobin, nerve damage in my right hand affecting motor controls. I was home in March after 24 days of hospitalisation with few months of recovery ahead of me. From being active upwards of 15 hrs/day here, I've had to resign myself to a lot of rest and little else since then.

A low-tech splint custom made to assist me with finger extensions and other basic motor controls

But this also allowed me to get touch with many of my friends here who visited me and all the support and wishes from everyone including Steemians has helped me get on my feet sooner. The hot water bag soothes my knee and I smile as I type this post.


The chat has grown to over 6500 members and I thank @pfunk for holding down the fort in my absence! As well as the mod team @acidyo @gonzo @gandalf @thecryptofiend @steemitqa for assisting. A few Steemians have shown interest in assisting in the larger channels and we'll take you on as the chat continues growing.

I've thoroughly enjoyed the process of finding great content and the process of curation itself has been a big factor in keeping me around day after day. From the early days of curating for @smooth in July, then @robinhoodwhale and culminating with Project @curie the journey has been quite fantastic. The daily disucssions with @donkeypong @liberosist @kevinwong @lpfaust @shennanigator on better curation and the folks at @steemcleaners is something I've missed a lot in the past two months. I look forward to getting back to the routine soon!

I hope things turn around for the best from here onwards. It's taken quite some effort to write this post today and it's the first one I've written in weeks! But I'm thrilled to come back as I try to normalise my life.

The Future!

Here's to a great year ahead with many exciting things to come our way! I wish @ned and @sneak @zurvanic and the entire team at HQ the very best with the development of the website, marketing and PR. I also thank all the investors for supporting the platform over the past year.

It's good to be back and I hope that we will continue growing together!

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You planned this didn't you! ;)

haha! Well I wanted to write something on my birthday on Steemit and I'm kind of glad it panned out the way it did. :)

Happy birthday and thanks for sharing such a good article with us on this event! Namaste :)

Thank you so much! :) Namaste!

I just recently became member of this awesome community, but already love it here. Happy birthday!

Thanks. :)

Welcome to Steemit! :D How's your experience so far? What do you like the most about this place?

I'm having a blast over here.

The people here are the best about this place, so many different topics and cultures to read about.

That's great! :D

Happy birthday bro! We should somehow meet up again soon! I miss our 4am adventures through the hotel. Get well soon <3

Thanks a lot! :D I miss all the fun we had there! Hopefully we'll get to see each other soon!

Wow, a beautiful day then. One date two birthdays. Happy birthday for you as well @firepower. Wish you the very best and please get well soon. We need you too here. ☺

Thank you very much! :D

Happy happy happy happy birthday, @firepower! We're having a dance party in your honor! 🎉 ✨ 🎁

This is one of the coolest things anyone has said to me in a long time haha! Thank you! :D I wish could have joined in as well!

Happy Birthday! I'm also excited by what's ahead for Steem! Get well and it was cool to have some news from you!

Thank you very much! It's good to be back and posting again. I hope I can do more in the weeks to come! Good to see you around! :)

Late happy birthday! Upvoted & Followed you as well.

Happy Birthday firepower 🔥
Get well soon :)

Thanks buddy! How's it going for you at Steemit? :) Been a while since we had a chat!

I have been doing great. Yes, hows your health progressing now?
Hope you recover soon.

Slow but steady is the best way I can describe the progress haha! :D

I hope you get on those bikes again,
And come onboard again as active as you were on our ride of Steemit.

I hope so too. :)

Happy birthday to both of you and thank you for your efforts and hard work!

Thanks a lot man! :)

Happy birthday to not only Steemit, but you aswell! :D

Thank you so much! :D

Get better soon, my friend!

Thanks a lot for your help and support Tom! :)

Happy birthday @firepower, to many more still to come!

Thank you! :)

Hi @firepower, I just stopped back to let you know your post was included in my Steemit Ramble Birthday Edition. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

That's fantastic! Will check it out! :) Thanks for the mention!

Happy Birthday @firepower ^^.

Thank you very much! :D

you're welcome, I hope that you've spent great next to your loved ones! ^^.

Happy Birthday, all the best to you.

Thank you very much! :)

Thanks @firepower for the mention! I do hope you get healed and back at with us. Been quiet without you here!

Thanks man! It's difficult to pull long hours in the chair at the moment. Things should normalise with time I hope. :)

Happy Birthday @firepower. Wish you good health, happiness and much success. Steem on :-)

Thank you very much! :D I hope you have an awesome year ahead yourself.

Thank you very much :-)

Oh wow nice post and happy birthday steemit.

Happy Birthday, both of you :)

Happy birthday and get back to full @firepower soon :-)

Thank you Shortcut! :)

Wish you all the best, @steemit.
Thank for sharing, @firepower

Thank you! :)

You are welcome

Happy birthday and get well soon

Thank you! :)

Happy birthday man. And get well soon.

Thank you! :)

Happy birthday! Get well soon, look forward to seeing you around as an active Steemian again :) Till then, take it easy, rest well.

Thanks buddy! Walking before I can run again haha! :D Will buzz you soon!

Happy Birthday dude! Dang but the next one is the big 3 0!!

Thank you meesterboom! I like your username. :D

Likewise with yours!!!

Hope you recover completely!

I hope so too! Thank you! :)

its my birthday too....:)

Happy Birthday to you dude!

thanks ... :)

Happy birthday! :D :D :D

Thank you so much! :D

Happy birthday steemit

happy birthday.
thanks for sharing.

happy birthday to steem and to me also ....^^

Happy Birthday dude!

Belated happy birthday, @firepower! I hope it was a great one.

I am so happy to see you again !!! Happy Born Day Darling! TIme flies ....I miss awesome Amsterdam Times and also Vienna with you as my favorite guest. Airbnb kicked off big time because you started all with good vibes.

Thank you so much! I had an awesome time in AMS and Vienna, especially at your place. The dinner and the walk around the city was fabulous! I'm glad the AirBnb is working out well. Is your old roommate still around? ;)