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RE: Steemit Paid Voting Bots Guide Part 2: Return on Investment (ROI) with actual numbers , not speculation: @RandoWhale, @Booster, WhaleShares

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Please do not upvote this comment. This is to show you how much @Randowhale gives you for 2 SBD.

I received $5.65 from a 4.5% powered vote. On average you get 3% vote, so that's $3.77 on average before the fade. This seems unusually high, so going to try again.


The payout from Randowhale seems much higher than usual, so trying rando again on this comment. Please don't t upvote this comment.

I received $4.57 from a 3.6% powered vote. On average you get a 3% vote, so that's $3.81 on average before the face.

so it is possible to upvote comments too? I see some comments with many whale upvotes ie consistently . What type of bot are the commenters using?

You can with randowhale and booster...but not with whaleshares. With rando/booster it does leave a comment, so that's obviously the indicator. Maybe people have a ton of steem or get friends/other accounts to upvote their comments.

Tried @randowhale again. It's now back to a loss. 2 SBD cost (about $2 USD) to get $2.56 x 75% author reward = $1.92. And that's at 3.5% power...average is 3%, so that's $1.65 on a 17% loss.

I agree..I notice group of people that gets almost 10 upvotes any time they comment and names of some top whales are in the comment upvotes..guess it is a piad bog, we have to open our eyes and earn in order to play smart

A lot of people use auto voting bots like steemvoter. Check out some of the youtube videos on it. You'll quickly see the strategy people are using to pick what content to vote on.

Thanks for the info, will check it out

Btw...I see you're using whaleshares on some of your post. Curious, what kind of return are you getting? I was losing too much using it in the past so haven't tried in over a week.

ROI is very small. Its merely a loss because of the high cost and low voting power. However I use it to boost a bit better than minnow support or randow whale . And you? what is your experience? any better deal?

I stopped using it...was losing too much money on it. But BTS is much cheaper now so haven't done the math on it. I do use randowhale and minnow support, although minnow restricted it to 1 SBD per day and 7 per week.

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