What are the changes I would like to see in Steemit?

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Hardforks come and go as well as the changes but still i want more. Call me greedy or whatever else you want but i think there are things that missing and should have been high priorities but sadly aren't. Let's hope that what i am gonna mention below to actually become a reality sometime in the distant future cause at the end of the day it will benefit all of us.

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Less Βid Βots-Actual Use Of The Promoted Page

First of all i know that some people say we are on a free market, everyone can do whatever he/she wants and stuff like this. Also, they may say that at the end of the day they bring value to the platform because they make the users buy Steem. (Allow me to disagree)

Not only great content is buried, people also get a false idea when checking the trending page and believe that's easy to make that kind of money. Thus when they join the platform and realize what's going on not only their abandon Steemit, they will also via word of mouth say the worst. Should i mention the tons of money the bid-bots owners make while the average user basically builds dept? I can talk hours about that and i already have so let's continue!  

The change i wish to see is to simply put all these post in the promoted page which is for that exact reason and now is completely useless while keeping the trending page with quality content and "real payouts"!

Ahh and i should also add that the reputation each user has with all the bid-bots turns out to be useless or better pay to rep (the more you pay to bid-bots the more rep you gonna earn)

Better Interface!

I have talk about this multiple times as the way the interface is, makes it really hard for anything manual. If i want to search for my older post it will take hours, if i want to search manually for quality posts it will take days :P! When we were around 200-500 daily active accounts it was great but given our numbers now it's a mess.

Before you say it, i know there are Dapps like busy and steempeak that solve this matter but should we expect the community to always solve the issues? Steemit Inc should worry about this cause even if the interface of the dapps is perfect the image that is shown to the world is the current one and i don't know whether it's attractive to the outside audience! 

Older Post Rewards

The final thing i want to change and i want it badly is the older posts reward system. As it is now, we are making our posts and after a day it's extremely hard to earn new upvotes. After the payouts our older post are becoming completely useless even though they still hold value

I make reviews about anime,movies and series. My reviews even if 1 month pass or even a year are still relevant. Likewise some people make travel posts, other tips about cryptocurrencies, informative videos, tutorials that as you can understand they will hold value and are relevant for many months and even years. 

When i first joined there was another payout after 30 days which was cancelled later. I don't mean to say "bring it back" but find a way to change the current system cause all this work we put for our posts feels like worthless!

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I would also add a direct kind of messaging one another. And not only via discord or memos...

that's a very good idea but they need to some how make discreet. Just imagine how many spam messages we gonna get :P

If each direct message had an RC cost we would get zero spam messages ;)

ye you are completely in that aspect but :P isn't this gonna become more exclusive for people with higher sp? and give the fact that people like to chat and one thing leads to another you can waste a lot of RC without even knowing

Nah, it would probably force those who want to use this service but cannot afford the “cost” to power up.

as long as it's allowed in the code people should be free to do whatever they want. we gotta be careful because the moment you start defining what is quality and what is good behavior we're heading towards mao zedong and kim il sung.

the problem is the trending page itself (and the lack of interest from developers to come up with something better). we just need better ui than steemit.com. maybe personalized ones like how all major platforms are handling it. steemit inc is probably not competent enough to create/manage that, so we need a third party to come in and create a working interface that's not centered around the trending page. once someone comes up with an alternative there'll be no incentives to use or create bidbots.

but this is where it becomes chicken or egg. no major developer is gonna use a platform that is as centralized as steem. it's got potential for sure, but right now it's a dictatorship.

we gotta be careful because the moment you start defining what is quality and what is good behavior we're heading towards mao zedong and kim il sung.

I think in a way we can define it but never completely. For example the ones that spam in the comments sections useless or unrelated things, the ones that steal content, the ones with one paragraph of post, a picture of a banana with 30$+ rewards, are just a few things that most of us can agree that are not deem quality or good behavior.

But i get what you mean :P

so we need a third party to come in and create a working interface that's not centered around the trending page.

a third party can come and and change the interface but with creating a dapp, otherwise somehow they need to earn the permission of steemit inc to change the whole interface and that's were this that you wrote fits perfectly

no major developer is gonna use a platform that is as centralized as steem. it's got potential for sure, but right now it's a dictatorship.

For example the ones that spam in the comments sections useless or unrelated things

this is where it gets tricky, you can't define 'spam' or 'unrelated things'. the obvious plagiarism and dumb bots are easy to tell, but there's a lot more grey area that is subjective. the moment you leave that decision to an individual, you're giving him too much power. decentralize everything :)

they need to earn the permission of steemit inc

noone needs their permission. i'm not talking about steemit.com. we need a dapp that is a better alternative. it'll make steemit.com redundant. if it's better, people will not need steemit.com anymore. right now, developers aren't simply interested.

i didn't get the last one :P you are talking about something unrelated to steemit, like weku or stuff but with a great interface that will attract more people and make people not need steemit com? or an dapp that change the interface if you are using it like steempeak?

cause if it's the second one still it won't make much of a difference as it will be helpful and awesome for us but the outsiders that see steemit for first time, they will see the old interface and be unaware of the dapp

i'm talking about busy steempeak esteem steemit etc. they're all just interfaces. everything you did on the steem blockchain can be done without steemit.com. outsiders or first timers don't need to care about steemit.com. any webpage or an app that beats all competition will do it more effectively&efficiently.

(i'm not talking about weku or other blockchains, i'm only talking about steem)

one key difference is that steemit inc delegates a bit of sp to new users to get them started. but if you had an interface (a webpage/app/anything) that can do everything that steemit can do AND more (like personalized algorithms and no trending page), people won't even look at steemit.com.

so let's hope a dapp like that to be created or the current ones to become better and more widespread so when somebody searches for steemit to have these results come first and not steemit com with its old interface

Yes 😂 and the underlying problem is that developers arent interested in building something while losing money just so that only steemit inc can benefit

Ειδικά το τελευταίο για τα "Older Post Rewards" που ανέφερες ΠΟΣΟ σωστό..

κ κανεις δν μ ακουει :P

Έλα ντε!
Άσχετο αλλά θυμάσαι το κουνούπι που έχω σπίτι και μου είπες ότι το πιθανότερο είναι να έχω και γεννητούρια? Έχω σκοτώσει καμιά δεκαριά και έχει και συνέχεια μάλλον... :(

χαχαχα μετα απο τα πολλα τσιμπηματα αρχιζεις κ μαθαινεις πως ζουνε :p

Άστα να πάνε.. Νομίζω ότι έχω αρχίσει να χάνω τα λογικά μου με τόσο κουνούπι. Είναι σα να ζω σε έλος. Έλεος!

I totally agree, especially with the part of old posts. All of them even if it had great value when they publish, now it's like nothing. How can a Markdown guide i.e. doesn't have any value now???
Basically i was thinking exactly what you write in this post the previous days.

γενικα αυτο θεωρω οτι ειναι μεγαλο προβλημα κ δν ξερω γτ δν υπαρχουν συζητησεις

You are perfectly @filotasriza3 right!Especially for the ridiculous duration of posts...only
one week and then is impossible to earn anything...

thanks a lot, this is an issue i haven't seen anyone discussing about!

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