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RE: Steemit just paid for Christmas!!! Thankyou to everyone!!!

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Thank you so much for sharing this! I am not able to relate with your story for one reason: I was brought up in an awesome family that had enough of everything. I am still living with my family (because of my studies, busy with my master's degree and then my PhD). So it is tough for me to think that someone cannot have a Christmas or needs to miss birthdays for work etc. It makes me sad that I cannot help other people with their struggles.

But this is where my story begins. I don't have a source of income, and I don't have a work waiting for me after my PhD. I love baking bread and coffee. This is my dream then, to open a bakery where people can feel at home, where they don't have to pay a leg and arm for nice bread and good coffee. (In South Africa anything with the name "artisan" (like artisan sourdough bread) is really expensive.) I also want to open, with the bakery, a philosophical practice, where people can come to unburden themselves, and with my knowledge that I am building with my master's and (hopefully) PhD, I want to help people to structure their thoughts so they can enter the world stronger and ready with tools to cope with our crazy world.

So your story is really amazing and inspiring for me because I also want to use the steemit money to open my bakery/practice. I have received some nice payments that will help. But it is tough to stay positive when you put hours into something and your only like is your own vote.

So thank you again for sharing this wonderful story. It helps those who feel demotivated to keep on going. (p.s. sorry for the long comment.)


Thank you for sharing.
All I can say is keep going with what you are doing and stay positive.
Hard work will pay if in the end.

The hardest part is keeping positive.
Secondly, depression and art are the worst.
Thirdly, I am my worst enemy.
But thank you. It is a journey and not a destination.
And Enjoy what you got. It is well deserved. Enjoy every moment like it is the last. Make every second count, kids grow up very fast. :)

They do, way to fast. I feel like I just had my baby girl five minutes ago and she is about to turn 13!

It feels like yesterday when I was 13... I am still in the phase where I need to decide if I am ready to be a parent.

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