You're breaking steemit. Take a step back.

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So many steemit initiatives to help individuals grow, not that many for steemit itself.

Refine everything

We've got content-agnostic upvote groups left and right, group organizations to chip in and get X person to Y amount of Steem Power, more and more "lifelong" projects earning on the dead steemit prospect since they get more now than what it will be worth, and even a top 20 witness node left to rot.

Steem Power keeps getting more and more centralized. Everyone delegates to the same whales. "Oh but it is so profitable!" Well the truth is, the more SP they hold, the less value our SP gets. So whenever you get an upvote, it could have been worth a lot more if all of you didn't delegate. SP distribution would be more even.

The reward pool is split among Steem Power allocation, so by delegating your SP to one group, it detracts more from you than it looks like, because EVERYONE ELSE'S SP will rely more on this one group who has a much greater stake of where the reward pool is going. SP+rewards distribution becomes less and less distrubuted among us. Do we want that to happen? Where's Proof-of-Brain if we're all submissive?

Make a stand - use your upvote to support actions, people, groups and projects that want to get steemit back on it's feet. Delegate to curation groups. A healthy platform will get you far more profit in the long term, holding both greater value and longevity. Come on, all you have to do is upvote your top 10 favorite authors!

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This is a great post, agree with a lot of what you said here.

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