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RE: How much is my post really worth...?

in #steemit4 years ago

Correct once what you said that ,,, I also wonder ya ,,, my payment was then $ 15 but the time of entry into my account only $ 9 3 for SP 6 for Sbd the rest either running where.? While the $ 2 curator is there, but my money is $ 4 longer go where ..?


75% of what it shows, goes to the one who wrote the text.

25% goes to those who voted the text.

That 75% is then divided into 4, with one part going to the wallet as steem power, and three parts as steem dollars.

So yesterday I got 15 dollars in love for me 9 dollars while for the curator 2 dollars was made. Then 4 more dollars got me where ...? If you say 75% ... And why not just log in to my account ...? That's one of my friend's problems ..

From 15, 2 were given as curation, 9 as SBD reward and 4 as STEEM Power. If you go to the wallet you will see them. If not, go to Rewards.

my friend 9 it is the number of both on the four again it don't know where.?

The post value can fluctuate a lot during the seven days before payment, depending on STEEM price but also on how many "good" new posts are published and voted... Out of a $15 displayed payment, you should expect roughly 3.75 to go to curators. The rest is fluctuations.

3.75 is it for what.? For steem or or for Sbd only or even for both...

It is 25% of 15. So it's the curators' cut.

The piece for the curator was already showing $ 2 but the problem is 9 have entered 4 again do not know where to go.?