The Unmentionables - It's Finally Here. A New Group For Chillin', Collaboration & Growth - Join On Discord!

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We are "The Unmentionables"!

Panda here with some great news for minnows and others - we've started a BRAND NEW, very small, tight-knit "clan" on here and are gathering together in Discord.

Our aim is to help others grow, achieve their goals, and uplift as many people as possible during the process.

We believe in relationships and working hard to build them - so our members KNOW EACH OTHER and spend a lot of time talking together. We want to get to know you too, if you want to join us!


We will be hosting some fun stuff like contests, giveaways, etc - but for now, if you're interested in joining, simply drop a comment and I'll respond here.

We OPERATE on Discord, an amazing chat app typically used by gamers - but it's PERFECT for our needs! Discord is our main hub.

I will also be building a pretty kickass website if we hit 100 members soon - which will allow our members some extra perks and goodies, along with a forum on there :)

This is where we gather, chat, share our thoughts and posts, get feedback from others, and generally just help each other become better writers, curators, but most importantly - better humans, too.

So you're really gonna wanna download Discord - there's a mobile app for it also if you happen to be on a phone or tablet.

----------------->Link to download discord:<-----------------

We will share our link after one of us has a chat with you - we want people who believe in SteemIt long term and intend on sticking with it to grow.

We have an amazing opportunity right now to buy up Steem and SBD at cheap prices -grow your accounts.


We have cryptocurrency investors and active market traders as part of our team, so we can help you on your cryptocurrency journey too!!

There are also various delegation services going on, which we will be participating in to help each grows as well.

Basically, it's a win-win-win all around in here. Plus each person is unique, kickass, and fun to chat with.

Want to come get to know who we are?

We are "The Unmentionables"!

Come see if you have what it takes to join the gang! Introduce yourself and we will bring you in to join the gang and have some fun, while upping your post values :)

Supported by: @FatPandaDesign, @AdamTilsley, @SkinnyThames, and more to come.

Come hang out in a relaxed, mature, focused group and grow your account way more efficiently than you are now.

Live on August 8, 2017 - sign up for our free daily email blast (starting up shortly)!

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Hey Ben, I'd like to join this group!


I meant to message you - I hopped off for a few days (except just to check comments/etc) but I'll get you in - you'll see a FB message from me with the link!


yes, I got it and have joined already! See you all there!

This is the one you mentioned to me yesterday, yes?
Sounds really interesting and good! We all need those "little pods" of support group and slowly multiply them more and more!
Going to be excited to see the outcome @fatpandadesign !


Correct, this is what I mentioned to you!

Thank you - as soon as I get back to putting more time in on here, it'll pick up big time. I had a bunch of people join previously but I closed down after all the hospital shit since I wasn't going to be around.

Eager to rebuild my little pod and see how we can help the community as a whole :D

Hi @fatpandadesign I'm wishing you guys all the best. Yes it would be great to meet like-minded people. I'm personally into art history and entrepreneurship. Hope your community is into that and that we finally get to know each others somewhere above the noise.


Come join us brother! Hop on Discord and shoot me a message @FatPandaDesign - I'll provide the link to join :)

Best of luck Panda 🐼


Thanks brochacho! Mucho love <3

Hi, I'd like to join too, am on discord already as HopeHuggs :)


Hey hey! Sorry for the late response - come on in


Hi @fatpandadesign. I would love to join you on discord too :)

Hi @fatpandadesign, Welcome to Steem, remember me when you are rich :]


Fail... 😉
No need for a welcome just because the intro tag is used. Add an extra if statement.


Done ;-)

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love this post . thanks for share . waiting for your next post

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