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Hello again My beloved followers and Steemit Friends. I am 3 days old on Steemit and this is my 2nd post yet.. I am spending my time reading about every small thing I could learn about Steemit. I am not finished Understanding Steemit fully yet. I feel it like an Ocean and I am still swimming in it. But the things I have learned here in this short time are valuable and I would like to share with you guys which help every good post worth winning. What do we win exactly? A good post will win many hearts..Many new followers..many up votes, Many Good Comments.

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    Please Do spend some time on Understanding Steemit by reading FAQ Mostly it will clear all your doubts. Please also read and understand Rules and follow them.

  2. NO QUICK MONEYquick money pic.jpg

    If you are new to Steemit and you saw some one's video or a post about earning so many dollars every day and so on, please hang in there for a minute. Don't expect to get rich in just a day. Life on Steemit is a process like real life progress.. we grow very slowly here. We have members like for more than an year in here. Look at Trending and Hot posts and try to understand why they are on TOP.

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    You can Post any thing good. Be it your life story, art, travel, sharing good photos in a post, poetry, story, inspirational things and many many more by clicking on Submit a Story on top right side. Finish your Story and click POST..Bingo.. your Post is up and live.. You can check your post in NEW.
    PROMOTION: Proceed to Steemit Chat, create an username and password if you are new, and click on POSTPROMOTION and just copy and paste your link in that room. never post same link under 2 hours and never post your link in General chat room. You can even promote on your social network pages, but that will cost you money.
    EARNINGS: Each of your Post, Up Vote and Comment has a time span 7 days. You can see the value of money you are going to receive after 7 days. The many Up Votes, the much your post earnings will be.

  4. HAND IN HANDhand with hand pic.jpg

    While posting you link in Postpromotion room, you can even see many fellow steemeit members doing the same. Feel free to up vote them. If you like their post, do Follow them. Once you started Following any Steemit member and whenever they make a new post, you will be alerted in FEED and always Up Vote them.
    Remember, you have 20 seconds time gap between each Up Vote. You will get 20% of voting power every day because With each Vote your Voting power will be decreased. To check your voting power type

  5. READ AND COMMENTcomment pic.jpg

    As you have 20 seconds time gap between each Up Vote, try to read the posts.. Not all but some you may find good. If you like that post, Do follow the Author and Up Vote their posts whenever you found a new one in your Feed. Also Comment if you like any post. Remember comments will earn money too. Not just that, you will be saving that article as a record for your reference whenever you need some information from that any time you need in future.
    Choose your Up Votes very wisely as some fake scam gaming posts are always around the corner and some sympathy wooing posts too. I have made my first post Don't trust Fake games and Ponzi schemes after seeing series of scam posts. Don't fall for them.

I tried my best to keep it simple and easy. Will come up with more good posts soon. Thanks for reading this post. Don't forget to Follow and Up Vote all my posts. After all we are a very Good Steemit Community.

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It's so good to see that someone wants to keep value of good posts here! Thanks for sharing that tought and hang it here! Can't wait what new you will discuss with us! :)


Those are lovely words for me from you. Your words are very encouraging. Will come up with good posts sure. Thank you.

Good summary of what you learned so far!

Thanks so much i realy helped me and also i'm new in this great community can you follow me


You don't have to ask members to follow every time. Specially in comment section. I made this mistake in the begining. But, not anymore. Just do a simple thing. Follow the member as many as you can which ever post you like of those authors.. keep posting some relevant and constructive comments once a while. Members will follow you back..
Good luck.. happy steeming