Don't trust Fake games and Ponzi schemes

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Dear Steemit members,
I am new to Steemit and 2 days old just. I am very much impressed with the freedom we have here to express our feelings, emotions, creativity, work, culture, art, drama, stories, poems, culinary, books, what not you name every good thing, you are free to express it through a post and hey you can earn some money too along with making some good friends and followers and fans.

Some where I read rules guide posted by Steemit's old member through which I have learned that we can not become or earn big money in just one or two days. Sounds good to me.. Because, if some one offering you big money in short term, that could be a scam.. And yes.. we all know how good it feels when we receive our pay checks after a week or fortnight.. We feel so happy when we hold that money in hands right. That is worth of hard work we did for a week or fortnight.. why I mentioned this..because, Money never comes so easily.. It can be earned only by hard efforts only.

And what kind right I have to put that money in some fake games or pozni schemes or of similar kind. Thousands of people's hard earned money will become one person's wealth in just few days. Be it is real life earned money or be it virtual life earned money. Don't just let our efforts go foolishly in to other's pocket .

I don't understand why these fake/scam games suddenly popping up. As I said I am new to steemit..don't know whether it was same in the past too with fake game posts.. I thought Mogul game could be a real online playing game..but turns out to be a bigger scam as I was reading many replies and posts about that game..Surprisingly there are more similar kind of posts are popping up..and it is kind of spamming in other words.

I am always against the ponzi schemes and Scams, and MLM(Multi Level Marketing) stuff, which works like a chain system, you buy a fake, high priced unworthy product and make sure you bring two more under you, and four other under those two, and so on..that is how that works and I always say "please don't become a goat and don't make others goats because end of the day you are going to be served as a meal in one's plate". To be make it more precise, I sheep jumped the fence so did fallowed the other..

When I read some rules guide from a member's post, I learned that it takes lot of time to earn money in here, and I am actually okay with that. Because I know genuine things takes some time.

So, Please stay away from fake games. Don't invest your valuable time and money on them. Steemit is full of beautiful things through posts. It's makes you become expressive just like I am expressing my feelings through this post. I wanted to post some other reviews actually but I had to write this one as my first post. Because Steemit has it with in it as kind of letting us spread the good things through it.

Will meet you guys with Good posts again. Stay Happy in Steemit.
God Bless you all.

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