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RE: Happy Holidays and New Year!

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Yeah... If we could please make 2021 the year of Steem that would be great. 2020 is not gonna happen, everything is way too new to attract anything or anybody.


the good thing maybe is all the clueless noobs coming in hot like "OMG POST SHIT GET MONEY?" have no clue about the disaster it has been for nearly two years now, and 12dollarcents to them is that norm as they came into it like that ... so , yea maybe , but i do agree, mass adoption aint gonna happen soon, not like this either, thats up to the communities, its pretty much nice pyramid affiliation where you let the lower cells do the work mostly and still

with the downvoting, i dont think this thing is actually fit for mass adoption anyway ... but projects can happen ... its been stuck on steem-IT and "thou shalt write articles for whale-cookies" since day 1 ...

the pool that was mined at the start is still looming to regulate the price (read : keep it down) and the rich kids dont really feel b/c they come here to play little whale (b/c anywhere else they need a lot of extra zeroes for that lol)

we shall see, one of my new years resolutions after giving it three years and watching every euro i spent on it be sold off right away and devaluate,
is to not spend a single cent until i see something i can believe in again ... which means : not the hype , communities, smt's custom json all that was possible from the start, barely anyone ever picked up on it ... steemmonsters used it, you have utopian maybe (didnt like them), you had musing , drugwars used custom json (8 kb of custom json written in a place or two seems to be a contract of sorts)

... so , as someone who is not completely digibetical i still wonder what the plan is with the salvation with stuff that has been around from the start , BUT

if i sell off now i just take heavy loss

and for what i would get i can just as well stick around, if it drops to one cent i'll have nothing too

if they get it up to even $1 i might still get my money back heh, after that i have no reason to complain for anything but me having been an idiot and paying more than once after seeing how it all turns and revolves

... PROJECTS ... not based on 'cookies for articles' ... :)

ik ben benieuwd ...

When I came here, I knew that I would lose everything or gain massively in the long run. I am not gonna sell for pennies ever.
From an Elliott wave perspective, it would be stupid to sell now. Like most cryptos, Steem is doing a massive correction first, but I had not thought about the correction being this big and time-consuming. It's a fact that we have not seen any impulse yet. The all-time high was only wave X (hype ) high and we are still not done with wave Y low.
So we don't know what the first impulse is going to look like. Could be 50 cents, could be 5 dollars for wave 1, nobody knows. But I am definitely not selling even if it goes to zero. Already lost 98% so who gives a f... about the short term price?

Well, that depends. My STEEM not powered up I have been selling for HEX. Because its rank on coinmarketcap is 2200 or so and it pulled in a lot of Bitcoin whales that will likely support it. So, I think that is safer than hoping Steem will regain its value.

You can check it out with this link if you want. I think its going to be performing real well in 2020.

10% Bonus

Plus, I love everything Ethereum and DeFi, so I'm happy to see a dapp on Ethereum that allows for certificate of deposit savings accounts.

i'm not sure if Elliott -Wave theory applies to cryptocurrencies but im actually not sure any classic forex/stock theory applies all across the board from the 1920s to the 2020s b/c all of them just take all statistical data of all time into one big bucket , take the median out of it and apply that to any given situation at any point in time , regardless of the situation or the time ...
so , even if the numbers are 100% accurate the data needed to predict is way more and i dare say beyond omega to even have the slightest chance of being accurate . Big movers are worldly events id say almost 90% of the time or more, and there's also the ripple effect you get like : dollar moves -> world moves (or in the very small world of planet Crypton : BTC moves -> world moves) ... the thing with crypto is its actually SO small its even more prone to worldly events and even one 'renowned' 'investor' might speak just a few words to move it , hence

statistics ? i dont believe they're any good. What one CAN be sure of is that the majority of the coins (main coins) is owned by a very few people , probably the same ratio you get with fiat and classic wealth and in this case its manageable and the one certainty is : they want to make dollars , so it has to go up and it has to come down at least once a year and preferably several times ... events are the things to look for .

as for steem : its hyperinflated : its mathematically impossible to hold a certain level of dollar value over time

2 months alreayd, wow

well im gonna try to check this feed once a week, its gotten even less interesting now they show they can just frees it on the consensus of 10 people without any court orders or anything

that makes it a very high risk, even for non criminals lol, (unless that last one was a known criminal ? )

i quit following the circus here really

Así sea, que Steemit se convierta en la gran oportunidad para el 2020, bendiciones para todos.

I actually just got my steem account and I can't wait. Seems hype! 👌

I am new to "steem" , still figuring out how it works....but seems interesting

There are lots of guides. Just google it and click the steemit posts or youtube videos about steem tutorials/guides.

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