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Everyone has his own version.
this one is mine.

Based upon the fact (as of ten days ago) that a new Steemer received his vote slider when he acquired One Million Vests (don't worry about vests , you'll learn about it in time. It's GeekSpeek) or about 500 SteemPower, I'll use that as a basis for defining all the other Steem Creatures.

unless you buy in with $$ and purchase SteemPower
this is what you are.
very little SteemPower.
very low reputation (25?)
Note: SteemPower can be BOUGHT.
Reputation must be earned.
If you see someone with a HIGH SteemPower
and a low reputation.
he could be a 'bot
or a steemer who pissed off a whale.

don't piss off whales.
for thou art crunchy
and go well with ketchup.
they can flag you into oblivion
they can destroy your reputation.
anyone with less than 25 rep.
more than likely got Flagged by a whale.

but enough of that.
after plankton come

still very low SteemPower (less than 500) and low Rep.

plankton and krill have zero responsibilities
(except self preservation...don't piss off the big guys)

all minnows and plankton need to do is to GROW.
to do that they must post, comment and VOTE.
do that as much as you can
don't worry about your votes.
responsibilty will come...
when you become
A Minnow

is when Steem gets interesting.
you've got your big girl panties on now.
You have 500 SteemPower
(as of ten days may have become less)
you have a vote slider

you are now in control of your VOTE POWER.
you can make ten full power votes (@ 100%)
(or any combination that adds up to 20% of your vote power)
and it will recharge within 24hrs to 100%
(I use SteemNow to track my vote power)

Steem ON!
as before
Post, Comment much as you want.
The more the better.
But now you can regulate your Vote Power.
Use it wisely.

You will GROW
Your Steam Power Will increase.
You Reputation will also.

Based upon my (purely arbitrary) order of magnitude scale.
a dolphin has ten times the vote POWAH
of a minnow

5000 Steam POWAH.

an order of magnitude more powerful
with 50,000 Steem POWAH
is the Orca

an order of magnitude greater still
is the whale
half a million Steem POWAH

many, if not most
Whales BOUGHT their SteemPower.
they've been on Steemit since day one.
Most are nice guys

many are indifferent

some are bots

(their SteemPower is assigned to them by other whales)

a very few (thank gawd)

are NOT so nice
you do NOT want to get on their bad side.
they'll squash you like a bug
be polite every chance you get.
it's safer that way.

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All this time I thought I was a minnow, Haha not even close. Just a tiny plankton. I have a long ways to go. This was really informative and I loved the fun pictures. Thanks for sharing.

i love this post :)))


glad you do.


I reposted one of you posts already and tagged you in it :) hoping it's ok to repost your stuff :))... I mean this one is also amazing :))

Thanks alot @everittdmickey
Well explained and was really helpful.
Will definitely resteem ! 👍🏻


you're welcome

haha! I love the way you put .................................. for the subject line, makes the post stand out... .Nice Whale Photos too!


took me a while to figure that out.

Great advice. Love the photos and fish analogies to how Steemit works. I'm new to Steemit, this website. Maybe, I've pissed off or offended or fought too much or whatever with whales, sharks, or bigger fish already since I joined in June 2017. For now, I'm going to probably avoid fights or whatever as much as I can because I don't want to lose reputation until I can get a lot bigger maybe.
Thanks for showing us
It appears that Steem Now lets us choose how much upvote power we want to give out. Users of Steemit, I think, can go to Steem Now, enter in their username there, choose a upvote power percentage between one to 100% and then click on SAVE. I'm assuming this works. I'm going to try it.
Thanks for sharing this.
If we upvote a lot, I assume we might want lower down our voting power down to one percent or as much as possible in order to power up while still upvoting at the same time.
I do a lot of upvoting. I will try to lower down my upvote power to one percent. But I still want to upvote a lot at the same time. I want my upvote power to go back up to 100%.


upvote as much as you want...just keep your vote power above 80%
and it will renew it's self to 100% in 24hrs.
if you vote MORE...and go below 80%..
it'll take longer to renew to 100%

Hurray I'm a krill (barely)! I think this is probably the best breakdown I've seen!


thank you.
back in the day
when I came on board.
I didn't get many high dollar votes.
I was thrilled when I got a whole penny.
it took me months to get my vote slider.


Well thank you for the vote sincerely.

Hi @everittdmickey thanks a lot you made a beautifull post very funny but very true. really love the way you put the story. Your a king fish. ^ and follow you THX


you are welcome.

Awesome pictures to support a well written post - chucky likey!

Very educational and fun. Made total sense to me. Thanks Boss.


you're welcome