Guys You do Know that is on a blockchain right? This proves you could just make use of another domain and display the content there...

yea, piston-web amazing work!

Yeah those are all really awesome!

(There is supposed to be stars but you can't really see them)

My fav. gif!

Looks great! And my article about an Olympian needing our help was in the concept design! Unfortunately that article didn't take off and catch the attention of the big hitters.

👍amazing design @etherdesign, looking elegant website... Great work

Your work looks amazing! I would love to be able to pick but when I am on my phone the most simple option will be very needed :D

It has nothing to do with the speed of the Internet, it has everything to do with the speed of reading. People who can sift through information quickly (a skill which can be honed by spending years on reddit) will prefer more text and fewer photos.

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