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I havd come to realise something tragic and melanic in life
You can never be someone else no matter how hard you try.
I have had people come into my life and having so much in themselves...
I admire them so much but anytime i try imitating them it gets so hard, its just as if i was trying to break a rock with a spoon. I finally came to this conclusion...
"When one is goal oriented he doesn't think of the strength of others. Be your own strenght , overcome yourself. Beat you and rise high"
One of the ways i am going to overcome myself is by setting goals ( realistic ones), write down all the things i have strenght in, write down all my weaknesses and beat me...
The road of overcoming oneself is rather imaged than acted because on the long run , you would be overstreching yourself and you would get hurt all the time..
But remeber the goal is to outshine yourself not others ..
So i take this step to be the better me , efficient , creative , industrous and above all have fun beating a weaker opponent.
We all want to be great but we all have to delibrately take steps to be better..
Cheers to the better us!


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