Contemplating My Post-Steemit Existence

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I’ve been through so many ups and downs on Steemit in the past few years and have always come out on the other end of those challenges, mostly, better for it. This time it feels much different and for the first time in nearly four years I’m considering taking a break from the platform.

My first Steemit profile pic. Whoa, crypto has aged me!

Steemit has changed my life infinitely for the better and, that, I promise to never forget. I’ve devoted a lot of time and effort building friendships and promoting the platform, whenever possible, over these past four years. If, after this break, I do decide to leave permanently I will truly miss those people who made an effort to interact with me.

I will miss checking my feed every day and reading fiction by @dreemit, @honeydue, and @ezzy, @opheliafu’s incredible art, @sultnpapper’s homespun wisdom, @berniesanders' razor sharp posts and satire, @lizelle’s thoughtfulness, wisdom, and recipes, @roelandp’s quirky humor and epic SteemFest events and many, many others. I consider many of you to be friends and I do hope you all will stay in touch no matter what.

Writing here (nearly 10,000 posts!) on this platform has been so much a part of my day that I’m not entirely sure how the void would be filled. I do know that life has a funny way of rushing into whatever door is left open. I still remember how exciting it was those first few months to hit that Post button and wait to see what happened. It felt like Christmas morning...Every. Single. Time.

These past few weeks I've noticed that feeling just isn't the same as it used to be. So, for the first time in a long time, I’ll be taking a break in an effort to regroup, re-evaluate, and decide what’s best for my future.

For now, I bid you farewell, and hope the weeks to come bring you all nothing but the best.

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With Gratitude,
~Eric Vance Walton~

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Let’s Keep In Touch

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Can't blame you one bit for taking a break from here Eric, you have truly dedicated a lot of time and energy here. Keep writing & I'll check in with via email or your website. God bless you and the Mrs.

Thank you, @sultnpapper. I'm trying to put the extra time to good use. I'm taking some classes and learning all I can about vlogging. That travel vlog I've dreamed about is coming closer to reality every day. I may resume writing once or twice a week here at some point. That's IF the travel restrictions are lifted soon. I hope you and your family are doing well during all of this hysteria. Life is very different in our neck of the woods now and the worst of it isn't supposed to peak for another couple of months. Bless you and yours.

Thank you for the blessings, we are all as healthy as we can be. I read that you were taking some courses but I took those to be writing courses. Are there courses on vlogging too?
The hysteria is almost hilarious, the wife said she witnesses a shoving match between two ladies over a four pack of toilet paper at the grocery last Friday.
Here in our town the churches have even suspended services, only online viewing.
I don't know about the peak or anything like that here , what I do believe is that the current virus will lead to some other things that will have a more drastic affect on us to come... far longer than the virus will bother us.
Just a gut feeling on my part.
Take care and I will keep checking in from time to time.

You're welcome. I appreciate yours as well. I began signing up for writing courses then added some vlogging/filmmaking courses in as well. It's going to be interesting.

I can't believe the hysteria. I just heard the entire city of San Fran is under state-imposed quarantine (like Italy). Everything is shutting down and people will receive citations if they're caught outside their homes. I expect to see more of this.

I have the same sinking feeling that the world, as we know it, in some way will cease to exist on the other side of this "crisis". I'm unsure if this will be some sweeping Act (like the Patriot Act) that is passed that curtails some of our freedoms or what. China, I feel, will attain true super power status after this.

I've had this worry for years that they'll find a way to restrict travel on a more permanent basis and maybe this will be it (I hope not). This is why I was looking into become an expat. Or maybe it will be a law that allows the government to respond more quickly to these kinds of events? One thing is for sure, the traditional financial markets will be crushed and it will take years for them to recover. This could be cryptocurrency's time to really shine. Time will tell. Take care of you and yours my friend.

Bless you, sir. A role model and integral part of my Steemit experience, you have been to me. I bid you nothing but the very best going forward and do hope you return back here at some point in the future, even if only to visit.

All the best, Eric. And remember, if ever in London, you can hit me up anytime. :)

Bless you too my friend! It’s been a true joy to share that fiction category with you for all these years. You’re a great writer! I will definitely take you up on that offer. We plan to come back to England within the next few years. We’ll be in Ireland in a few months. Take care of yourself and keep on doing what you’re doing!

Looking forward to a future meet up with you, pal. Again, all the very best and thanks for the kind and inspirational words. :)

You're welcome! I'm going to be taking some writing classes these next few months. Have you ever checked out the MasterClass series ( I signed up for a ton of writing courses on there now and am amazed at how much I'm learning. It's $180 per year for an all-access pass, not too bad considering who is teaching the courses.

Nice! Thanks for the link, man! I'll be sure to check it out.

Taking breaks are a vital part of Steem.

Enjoy, and may the force guide you calmly...

I wish you don't leave. Everyone is announcing their retirement here and it's painful to see you go

I just need to step away for a while and see what it feels like. It’s a tough time to be on this platform but I do feel the community is strong enough to weather most any storm. Please stay positive and keep up with your writing. You have a very promising future, @josediccus!

Definitely thanks for the kind words, do have a pleasant time out there and stay safe as well. Thanks for all the support and the Memories here.

I do hope you stay in touch... you were always one of my inspirations/models for what this community can be about.

Be well!

Thank you @denmarkguy! I’m very humbled by that. I will be around, for sure. I’ll likely still be curating no matter what. I wish you well!

Steem will never be the same again! I will miss your wisdom and insight but do hope to see you back some time. I must take a peek at the Voice when it opens up to the rest of the world!
Thank you for being the person you are- for the kindness and the encouragement! I hope it's not farewell Eric!

Thank you very much @lizelle for all the kindness you've shown me and many others. This may be only break but, if not, please do keep in touch. I just have been feeling a little weary lately the kind of tired that rest won't cure but peace definitely will.

Voice is pretty interesting so far. It's buggy but they're working through all of those issues before welcoming the rest of the world. If you've been on Medium, that's the closest thing I can compare it to.

I'm beginning a master class in writing in the coming weeks and will try to launch a new phase of my career afterwards. I also have a couple of books in the works. I'm very excited for the future!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Take a break and come back soon. We’ll give you a week off how’s that?

I watched the Mr. Rogers movie tonight and loved it. My son said “why would I watch that movie when I don’t even know who he is?” He loved it too.

We all commented ( my wife watched it too) that such a nice person can even be perceived today as creepy. That’s just wrong. I suppose that such kindness is too rare to look normal.

Thanks for the recommendation and we’ll see you soon! :)

Haha, a week off might just be enough. Time will tell!

I’m so glad you guys watched it. Watching him as an adult does seem different doesn’t it? To the adult mind he teeters on the line of being creepy. There’s something about his positivity that is just plain nurturing and contagious though.

I’m listening to a podcast series called Finding Fred that’s pretty amazing too. It’s about how we can apply his lessons in the adult world.

Take care and see you soon!

“see you soon” That’s hopeful for us here!

I appreciate the support @kus-knee and I'm very thankful that people still want to read my words.

Oh that's so sad...Though I can't say I don't get it :) Haven't been here much myself lately. Take care, Eric :D I'll miss reading your stories and thoughts also :)

Thank you @honeydue! I've noticed your absence too. There weren't many of us "first-wavers" left, many dropped off years ago. I hope you continue your writing, you have a gift for it. Take care!

Aw, thank you, Eric. Same goes for you, my friend <3

Taking breaks is healthy and it's good to see you're not burning the house down before you go.

When I showed up here, dude, you were on fire. Probably the hottest ticket in town at the time. People loved your writing. You did good things for this place, man. Keep kicking ass.

Good luck to you, man.

You're so right! Breaks are healthy, I probably should have taken one a while ago.

Thank you @nonameslefttouse! Oh man, 2016-17 were an era that I will never forget. I smile just thinking about it.

Take care of yourself and good luck to you as well!

Hi Eric, I think you will rest for a while but I hope you will not come out of steemit. Maybe you are bored right now ... so try pausing for a moment. I will always miss your posts, sir. I know a lot of the outside world through your posts. I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Hi Eliana! I should know more about what direction to go after this break. I sure have enjoyed sharing my life and my work with all of you. I've also enjoyed learning more about people from other parts of the world such as yourself. Take care of yourself and enjoy the weekend!

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