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RE: My Late January Update - Ep. 4 - Starting the New Year Off With a Bang

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I was just reading this morning how important reputation 60 is compared to a bunch of other factors. I was aware reputation is important but I had no idea that milestone is rather important. I can see now why so many of you aim for 60 as a goal.

SBD price was a nice kick while it’s been lasting! I’m just wondering how inactive people will go once its back sitting around $1 again.


I didn't know 60 was a great goal it's just the next round number. If you remember / can find the article I would be interested in reading it. I think it's more of a badge of honor than anything as far as I know your reputation doesn't mean much.

Yeah, that's an interesting point about SBD. I always wonder what will happen if they just get rid of SBD as it doesn't seem to be able to hold its peg very well with its limited supply and the witnesses don't seem to be interested in keeping the peg at $1 to help grow the platform. Seems like a rather short sited solution to help grow the platform.

It was just posted today.Post Payout Correlation

I never expect the 1$ "peg" to work how could it if its on external markets. To many factors can drive that without much effort.

Well, it has a rather good support mechanism as you can burn SBD when it's worth less than a dollar to get the price back up, but I don't think it has a good way to lower the price.

Just read the post and that's awesome. Everyone else I've seen talk about it said it was a useless number, but I think that post shows otherwise.

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