⏺ Investing in Steemit, not Steem! Part 1

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The best investment you can make is in yourself.
-Warrren Buffet-

Nice one. That's a pretty solid quote right there!

I think we need to bring the same approach to his platform. There are many various walks of life coming into Steemit, and many having different perspectives on how to approach all of this.

I say, forget the money!
At least to all the content creators out there. Guys, you need invest in yourselves on this platform. The amount of Steem in your wallet is cool, but the excitement only lasts so long.
The real question is, what are you bringing to the table? What is your purpose here? What is it you intend to achieve, and how do you plan on doing so?
This is vital. Knowing your purpose, and your 'why' is definitely a kick-start in the correct direction.

I think having a longer-term vision is very important.
This will allow you to get over the smaller hurdles along the way, and allow you to keep you focus of the bigger goal.
After-all, daily actions are what is necessary for true growth in anything in life. If you want something to prosper, you need to average things out with daily efforts.
In the next post I will be talking further on why I think Steemit is the right platform for almost anyone. I will also be talking about my intensions here, and what I see the near-future as.

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Couldn't agree with you more here. I definitely view my time here on Steemit as an investment, an investment in myself and really an investment in a vision of a future for humanity that does not let boundaries of country, ethnicity, sexuality, gender or anything else keep good people from interacting with good people in good ways.

Deep down at heart we are all good people. Sometimes it is tough to find ways to act like a good person and help other people - sometimes it feels like all you can do to help yourself. Steemit is a gift economy - it is built around helping other people. It is easy to help other people. So when I say I view Steemit as an investment, part of that is an investment which allows me to be the good person I know I am. An investment that allows me to help others. How cool is that?

Steemit has also really lit my creative fuse and triggered a nice productive period in my various media. I am jazzed on new music projects, new art projects in multiple forms and formats and excited to be writing regularly again after letting my Dungeons and Dragons blogs slowly lapse into inactivity over the last few years.

Glad I ran into you today, sorry about the alien invasion - hopefully your brain is intact. Much love - Carl (@gnashster on PAL)

future for humanity that does not let boundaries of country

Nicely said. I like the sounds of that. I think it's so true. We are living in a world where anything is possible, and we are no longer limited to only staying in one location.

Steemit is a gift economy - it is built around helping other people.

How true hey. I love the mentality Steemit sets for the community. 'Giving and receiving'. It's some powerful stuff!

Love it :)

Thanks for your awesome comment my man!

So take seat for long term

Yes exactly that. Take a seat, because this i a long-term ride.

Nicely said :)

Totally agree with you only Long Term ;)

It's the way to go :) Thanks for agreeing!

Part 2 will be up shortly!

@enazwahsdarb follow you ;)

Awesome stuff! Talk on the more recent post :)

There is no other platform like Steem or at least not anywhere near it and that makes it quite a good place to be at this early stage. Hope we get out of beta soon and see even better results coming for everyone! I am thinking of maybe getting like a small monthly fund for Steemit and just power up a little bit each month on top of what I make from my posts and comments. Been powering up every little bit I get from the platform so far and will keep going. :)

Hope we get out of beta soon

True that! I actually forgot it's still even in Beta :D I'm curious to know how things will be when it's done.

monthly fund for Steemit and just power up a little bit each month

Dollar Cost Averaging. It's the best way to do it I think :) I think that's a great idea!

Yeah can't wait to see some tweeks and small changes to help order the massive amount of posts and make the search of decent ones easier. But it should be closing in the official release and c

This platform is a beautiful place for us to share our lives the fact that it makes money is a natural byproduct of our sharing it is in the other platforms the value is extracted to pay the shareholders at the expense of the users. With steemit we have the keys to our own digital presence. It is more valuable the more vale you put into it. The money is not the greatest value of steemit the people are!

With steemit we have the keys to our own digital presence.

Nicely said :) I like the sounds of that! So true though.

I feel like this platform's vibe really allows people to think more outside their own comfort zone.

great rant my fellow steemian. my goal with steam it is to keep posted and posting up-to date on the crypto world. We all believe steemit will be big its already starting to grow massivly and its only the begining. thanks for your post new follower here keep me informed :-)

great rant

Was this a rant now :D

I think Steemit ha a few obstacles it needs to overcome before I can solidly give it my all for the long-term, and in the same breath, I am confident that the developers of this platform will be able to overcome these obstacles, making me feel much better.

Thanks for that!

Great post. Steemit is like an immortal catalog of my artwork and creative output.

immortal catalog

Nicely described. So true hey! It's legit like immortal! :D

This platform gives us a lot of options you can take it as a hobby or something like a Diary there is literally thousands of possibility.

So true. I like that perspective my man :) I think this is a very diverse place.

Thanks for that.

Fantastic read! In plain whale speech: Do not try to be rich, but have 'skin in the game'! Upvoted&Resteemed:)!

I love that! I think you're doing a fantastic job serving for this community. Keep up your awesome, humble work.

I love this! You're doing something similar to what @photobomb is doing :)

Caring and sharing, that's what it is all about. I have found this to be an awesome platform and place to be. Lot's to learn and do here. Now Following you. Like minds...

Caring and sharing, that's what it is all about.

Amen to that :) I think it gives such an abundant feeling to just be able to support other's.

Thanks for that!

I plan on sticking around on steemit for as long as possible. I want to share my ideas about cryptocurrency, health and religion among other random thoughts. hey @cleverbot is it all about the money? Of course not

That is very good want to be friends.

LOL, said like a true bot :D

I don't like playing games, Rahayn.

I plan on sticking around on steemit for as long as possible.

Yeah exactly. My concern isn't that I won't stick around, but rather if the platform will :D

Awesome Post i just did what succesed ;o)

Thanks a lot! Buddy

Also upvote and resteem! :o)



your CryptoInvestmentExpert

Keep up the good work! ;o)

Thanks for that my man! Nice of you.

I'm glad you found it awesome!

Good choice and best plan

Thanks! Glad you agree :)

Steemit provides loads of new information you don't get on other social media platforms anymore.

So true hey. It's like the vibe of this platform is just in a whole different caliber. I love it!

Nicely said :)

I think having a longer-term vision is very important.

This is really important in the journey on steemit. I wish to see many more than beyond the usd here.

Yeah man exactly. Don't get me wrong, the money is surely important, but it should not be the main focus. Focus on the vision, and take care of people, and the money will come, I believe :)

Great quick read, this definitely has helped bring me back to base on what I really stand for and how I can deliver that in my content. I look forward to checking out your posts and seeing what you stand for and what for the future.

this definitely has helped bring me back to base on what I really stand for

That's awesome :) I'm glad it had that effect on you!

Thanks. I'm excited for what the future holds!

I can not wait to see the reaction of people at facebook when the fire hits and people start pouring onto steemit. They going to have meetings "can we afford to pay them to make comments?" "Not if we want take our business vacations to Hawaii 10 times a years"

Forget the money! I like it.

Simple as that :) It's not like the money is going anywhere haha, just a focus filter switch-up :)

Taking the long shot, laying a solid foundation. Great reminder for all of us :) Thanks @enazwahsdarb! The journey may be tough, but the persistence will eventually pay off.

I totally agree!

The journey may be tough, but the persistence will eventually pay off.

I think it's also as tough as we make it :) Controlling the situation can go a long way on it's own. I think hustling can do wonders haha.

True, we never know our true potential until we made ourself do it.

Forget the money. Knowing your purpose. What can i bring to the table.

Inspiring. Great post. Keep it up.
Very helpful to newbies like me. Thanks again!

What can i bring to the table.

Totally! It's exactly that. We are all different in our skills, and I think it's great to be here. This platform has a lot, but there is such a variety of untapped market here, it's incredible!

Wise words: "The best investment you can make is in yourself", It's our present and our future, what we must live and form. Nice post, ;)

Nicely said! This is our life. We must take control and raise our awareness :)

Very informative. thanks for the info :-) hoping for more tips from you :-)
Where are you going to post new tips?

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed what I had to say.

Where are you going to post new tips?

Where or when? :)

I mean = when :-)

Haha I figured as much :P

In that case, I will be putting up Part 2 to this post very shortly. Stay tuned!

thanks :-) im looking for it :-)

Thanks for this information. Now I'm thinking about investing or not. I'm thinking about the future, not the moment.

Yeah exactly! Don't stress, I am also thinking of the same thing :)

That's great! :D

Stay tuned. I am about to post Part 2 to this post in about 20-30 minutes :)

That's really great. Thanks a lot for telling me! Part 2 is as beautiful as the first

I'm glad you enjoy it too :) Thanks for those kind words! Talk later.

Thank you too @enazwahsdarb! :D

​First off thank you for the post, and I like your style. Also, it's nice to see someone caring about the community.

Most of the comments I have read are positive, and that is great. We all need to believe in this journey. But at the same time, I have concerns. I have commented on others post about them and never got a reply to help me with my dilemmas.

I agree that it's not about the money but that, of course, is an overall reason for us being involved here.

My issues are more with​ the quality of content and the reward that people are getting for producing​ bad stuff. I have tried to start my own "Photo Tips for Steemit" and got very little responce. Now I do believe that it is qulity stuff but when I see someone, for instance put up a out of focus photo and make $50 on it, make me really upset. Were I but in the time to write and a helpful tip and make $3.

What it is coming down to is as much as I thought I had an​ idea how to go about Steemit, it seem to be wrong. It really is not making any sence to me and what to do as a person that wants to amke it work, but has taken a back seat to committing to much of my time when other do less and make more.

Any help here would be great. Thanks.


hey Zane - good to come across you and i like your positive uplifting content - i am now following you to look out for more from you -- keep rockin

i like your positive uplifting content

Thanks for that! I appreciate your kind words :) I am glad you came across me too :P

Ah thank for that man! What is your name?

thanks for asking my name is David Emanuel - i am a musician , artist and philosopher

Great Post ! I have never seen anyone get so many comments on here but i am also new. I thimk steemit will be highly favoured over facebook in time. I hope sooner than later .

I have never seen anyone get so many comments

Haha nah there are some people getting far more comments than me :) But hey, it's a working progress!

Welcome to this platform since you're new by the way :)

If you ever need any help, and I have some time spare, I will help you if you need anything.

Investing in oneself is always a good start, investing in others helps everything come together @enazwahsdarb

Steemit is a place to make it all come together, with some thought, originality and fresh new ideas, the fun of sharing.

Investing in oneself is always a good start, investing in others helps everything come together

WOW nicely said! I love that. I totally agree with that.

"The power is in the people"

I don't know if I have ever heard that before, or if I jut made that up in my head, but that sums it up I guess :D

Steemit is a big deal :)

Reputation is everything! Great to see the milestones you achieved...and that on one day! WOW keep going

Reputation is everything!

I think just in general, a person's status is a reflection of the way other's treat them. With that being said, I agree, reputation really is important!

Thanks for your acknowledgment and kind words! I appreciate that :)

Yeeeeeees man! Great Post.
You are an inspiration for many users here. Keep on Steemin. :)

Thanks for those kinds words my man! I appreciate that.

PS. I have seen your posts :) They look familiar :P Haha nice going!




I think its kind of the same spirit ;)

You could say that I suppose haha.

Just put out the efforts, and you will do great!

Thanks my friend.

Many new users get blinded by the potential to earn and, while that is great, you need a good network first. Concentrate on the long game; this isn't a get rich quick scheme.

Many new users get blinded by the potential to earn

So true hey. I was blinded myself, when I first joined here not too long ago.

This is definitely a place where networking and building solid connections can go a very long distance. I think our connection is a great example of that!

Nicely said man!


I personally don't agree with most of your summations here. For instance I think telling yet to be members to forget the money is one way of making them not to sign up. I don't do this. I promise people huge benefits at first to get them in first. Through this way I have been able to built serious Steemians whom I belong to same whatsaap group with, and were doing well

Of course :) I wan't really talking about bringing new people in here. More just the mentality I think would serve the best purpose for true success.

Haha this is by far the most colorful post I've seen. You hit the nail on the head though as long as you create value wherever you go you will be rearded 10 fold.

this is by far the most colorful post I've seen.

Hahaha! Well each to their own taste, but did it serve it's purpose? I want to get people's attention LOL.

as long as you create value wherever you go you will be rearded 10 fold.

Amen to that! Nicely said.

Thanks! Glad you liked it. Next post will be up shortly.

Really nice... thanks for sharing

Thanks for that! It's only my pleasure :)

I always think about the long term investment and benefit. However I can not blame others who come for the money, especially my countrymen as monetary problem is one of the cancer here.

Imagine. That is what I want to do.

How does this bot respond to everything? :D

I talk to you and you have to say something back.

But are you an actual bot, or a human?

No, I don't play world of warcraft.

Well okay then

What's your favorite hobby?

Hi, I am new on Steemit. What I really want to know is, if people own their stuff on steemit, then where are posts and comments located.

I'm not 100% sure what you are asking.. If you are asking where you can find your posts, then you can find them in your blog's profile :)

Hi, sry for my absence. What I wanted to say is where are they located, like in are they on server of steemit creators or where are the physically?

Very informative post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
please upvote and follow me

Thank you! I am glad you found it informative :)

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You have been defended!


To help keep my Jōki (蒸気) power strong, I rely on the support of my fellow #thealliance brethren.

When able, please upvote my attacks so that I may stay mighty and continue to defend and protect our beloved team!


@enazwahsdarb what a good article you have keep up the good work..for the support i will upvote your post..

Resteemed! :)

That is bloody brilliant. Spot on when you said it was important to know your purpose of being here. It does become easier to make sense out of things when you know the purpose. I have identified it and I am ON MY WAY NOW! :)


Indeed, it is crucial to understand that this is not just a money making tool. The prospect in steemit is huge. If everyone think of long term then obviously we can thrive together.