Introduction to Steemit!

in steemit •  2 years ago

Hello everyone!

My name is Emely,
I am 22 years old from south Florida aka the "305" and I am very excited to begin this journey with the Steemit community. I will be featuring many tips on fitness, food , beauty, and blog about my Miami lifestyle .

Stay tuned!

Love, Em




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welcome to Steemit Emely !!

I can see you do lovely pictures... keep doing so!! Steemit community loves it!!

Followed and Resteemed


Thank you for your warm welcome!


it's hard to give a cold one with such a nice post


Hi Emely! Welcome to steemit!!


Thanks so much makishart!

Welcome to steemit. That food looks good.


thank you so much :)

Welcome to Steemit @emelyeucebio :)

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yummy food yummy girl, hi from us in nz, welcome to steemit :)

Welcome to Steemit @emelyeucebio - lovely to meet you

Please check your wallet for a small gift 👍


appreciate it, thank you!

Hi Em, where is the "305" coming from? :)
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hi! It is our area code here in Miami,Fl :)

Welcome to Steemit Emely! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. :-)


definitely will, thanks a lot :)

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Thank you Deveerei! I appreciate it so much :)

Glad you found the platform ! Welcome from the "305"

Welcome to steemit community :)

Welcome. I took the broccoli from your plate. Sorry, just couldn't resist.


Nice to have you on board, Emely! Follow me at

Hello and welcome at Steemit. It's a quite wonderful place! I wish you a ton of fun and a heap of inspiration for hi quality content and comments.
I write story blog and motorcycle travel blog, maybe you want to check them out. :)


awesome thank you, same to you as well !

Welcome fellow Floridian, I'm on your west coast in Sarasota but enjoy my trips to Miami for the food and nightlife.


Hello! Sarasota is beautiful. Thanks for the welcoming :)

Welcome to Steem community :)


thank you for the sweet welcome!

Welcome aboard @emelyeucebio I was in your shoes just yesterday & now I'm enjoying Steemit as if I've been here for ever


Absolutely & You're welcome! Lets stay connected. Looking forward to seeing more content from you. Now following....


Thanks so much, following back

Welcome! Florida is great. I've been so lucky to visit there many times. Great golf-courses, nice beaches, aligators, trucks.. what else do you need? :) Followed!


Agreed! Miami has so much to offer, especially since its the cheapest city to live in compared to New york and LA. Thanks so much :)

So dope, I scoped that you DJ too. looking forward to hearing some music! Followed you on Insta as well, welcome! :)

I feel bad I can't upvote this anymore. Post more. With that face and body you have an advantage here! Welcome!


Haha thanks! Im posting as soon as my sony camera comes in tomorrow. My iPhone isn't cutting it, so I upgraded :)

These are some nice pictures and the food looks delicious !

Definitely will follow you


thanks so much!

Lovely pictures and lovely food, what else can beat that?


Haha, thank so much!

that's one hot bod. damn.

Welcome to Steemit! :)


Thanks so much :)

Can I have this food ? :)) I like good photography and good food :)


Yes you can! Thank you so much :D


It is ok :)